Sunday, 26 October 2014

So far, so good..

Hiya doing lovelies? Hope our sunday is turning out as planned? If not Chill, the day has not ended yet.

I looked at my calender today and I realized October is coming to an end... It's been an amazing month and I pray the remainder of the month will be filled with amazing grace and favour.

So I started my service in August but I started working officially this week and prior to my start of work, I heard lot of stories like the students can't speak English, blah blah blah.

Well, I teach JSS3 Basic technology and it's stressful because I take 6 arms (A-E) but then, the language barrier is still there. Some classes are okay but in the A class, I have to work with an interpreter and it's challanging but I signed up for this and erm, I'm willing to sacrifice my time for these kids because I really feel for them. It's amazing to know that kids in JSS3 don't have a good command of spoken english.

Lately we've been experiencing the transition to hamattarn and tell you what, the one we experience in Lagos is child's play compared to that of Sokoto, bearing in Mind that Sokoto is on the fringes of the Sahara desert and I learnt one bad heat is coming up soon plus my parents have warned me sternly not to forget to get vaccinated against meningitis...

The struggle for water also got real and after I was embarrassed at the tap( we use a public tap) last week sunday, I went to look for a meiruwa that sells water to me at 30 naira per 25litres so he fills my 120l and it lasts me 2 days.

My room mates though *sigh* somedays they act like they are high on expired crack but I've been taking it really really cool with them.

My peeps can't get over the fact that I refused to redeploy but the truth is that I don't know why I decided to stay; I know I'm very stubborn but this one is beyond stubborness! Maybe there is something God wants me to fulfil or a lesson he is trying to teach me...

Talking about trying to teach me a lesson, remember my phone got stolen the day I left camp? When I got to Lagos, I woke up one morning and decided to try the number, I did and shockingly, it rang, the dude that picked said the thief threw my bag across his fence and we discussed so he said when I got back, I should try the number so he'll return the itemsn only for me to return and discover the phone had been permanently put off. I was disorganized and confused, in the end, I decided to forget about it and retrieve the line. For over two months, I was off social networks and I didn't die, for someone who who is addicted to the internet, it was a whole new experience but like I say, the only thing that is constant in life is change itself.

Anyways, I'm back and better, still blogging from my phone but I hope to switch finally because looks like this phone is anti pictures (can't seem to attach pictures to my posts) and it's been amazing catching up on social media I've been cut off and discovering new blogs.

I hope this new week brings us happiness and every good thing we've been looking forward to.


  1. Welcome! God will see you through and no evil shall harm you

  2. This week will be amazing...You just gotta hang in there....It is well...

    1. Yeah babes!!
      You say that a lot and I've been hanging in there

  3. Well done! Take care of yourself and don't forget to get that vaccine

  4. Bubba, the thing about life is that every thing and I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We might not exactly understand why now, but like Steve Jobs (R.I?p) said, ""we can only connect the dots looking backward, and not looking forward"", so just stay safe, and keep trusting Papa God, he has very ghen ghen plans for us. Cheers.

  5. i can only imagine extreme weather conditions you'll have to go through there.....
    Your faith will keep you safe and so will my prayers for you:)
    I got the vaccine yesterday, t'was not fun at all.........still feeling the pain tho

  6. Get he vaccine. Get warm clothes for harmattan.
    You know what? I believe you stayed back for a purpose. Just ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to know. It might be something 'small' but as long as God sent you there for that purpose, it is already great. Trust me.