Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hello lovelies, guess what? I'm back, like I'm back for good.
So lovely Vira of tagged me and I'm to say/write 20 things about myself. Here we go.
1. My relationship with make up is a love - hate one; today I'll wear make up and for the next two weeks, my face will be nude.
2. I'm quite lazy.
3. I'm a sucker for waist beads.
4. I'm team #longnails.
5. When it comes to trying new dishes, I'm not adventurous at all.
6. My threshold for pain is extremely low!!!
7. I have a morbid fear of rats.
8. I have a phobia for flying and each time I fly, my heart is always in my mouth till we land.
9. I prefer leather and rubber strapped watches to chain.
10. I have a fetish for shoes.
11. I love rice!! I ate rice for 21 days when I was on camp.
12. I love ribena *covers face*
13. My stationery pack is always in my purse.
14. I love sleeping.
15. Due to the fact that my eyes are small, people usually think I'm asleep when I sit still.
16. I have to squint my eyes to see well in the sun.
17. I get overpeople quickly.
18. I only talk when it is necessary.
19. I am very thorough.
20. My hair is not black.

*phew* I had to rack my brains to do that I'd like for us to tag ourselves and write one fact about ourselves while I also tag these lovely bloggers.


  1. Thanks but hope you won't mind adding my blog to your blog list?

  2. Ok the similarities we have are so random it's blowing my mind. I've had on waist beads since high school, I have a serious phobia for flying and can't relax til it's over.
    Thanks for tagging me Amaka, it'll be fun to do.

    1. I know right?
      You should do it asap... Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Excuse me, what color is your hair?
    I will like to know...Lol

    1. Hello Funmi! That's how you abandoned us.. There is God oh!
      My hair is dyed wine

  4. **thinking** I love Coke...does that count?...hehe...How are you doing mami....

    1. It does count babes!
      I'm doing just fine.

  5. The nails i begged you for abi????
    Welcome back hun

    1. Ugo I've told you to come and take it oh

  6. 'I have to squint my eyes to see well in the sun.'
    You should consider wearing sunshades dear. Prevention they say, is better than cure!

  7. Its been difficult posting a comment since yesterday. I don't know why I can't post with my google acc.

    As for this post, I'm a sucker for asses x_x #Okbye


    1. Network most likely.
      Me wey come get flat yansh nko?

  8. Omg I hate rats so much - such disgusting things they are! I remember how one almost ate my brothers big l toe. Interesting answers and we are kinda similar. How've u been girl? Good I guess x

    1. I hear rat eat legs and that's so disgusting!
      I'm very good ma'am

  9. My nails are long! I'm going to cut them soon cz they are beginning to disturb my life. I can't even type conveniently.
    I hate rats!
    My last hair color was purple.

    1. I'm going to cut mine in December.
      I think I'm going to colour My hair purple