Saturday, 1 November 2014

Grammar 101

*singing* today I don't feel like doing anything....... Hello lovelies? Hope our weekend is coming up fine? God knows all I want to stay in bed all day but I have to go for my monthly clearance *grumbling*

Anyhow, we are still on our lexis class and today we'll be looking at verbs confused.

1. Buy and pay for
Wrong: How much did you buy that camera?
Correct: How much did you pay for that camera?

'Buy' can also be used in talking of the price if. It is followed by 'for' coming after the object.

He bought his camera for two hundred dollars.

But 'pay' for is just as correct and not the order of the words:

He paid two hundred dollars for his camera.

2. Convince and persuade
Wrong: I convinced her to go back to her mother's house.
Correct: I persuaded her to go back to her mother's house.

We persuade someone to do something, we convince someone that something, or of something. For example

I convinced her that it was in her best interest to go back to her mother's house.

3. Favour wrongly used.
Wrong: The result did not favour me. I had only an ordinary pass.
Correct: My result was not good. I. Had only an ordinary pass.

Favour used as a verb must have a human subject.

4. Forget and leave
Wrong: I must have forgotten my book in the hostel.
Correct: I must have left my book in the hostel.

To forget something means that that thing is nolonger in one's memory, for example:

I forgot where I put my book.

5. Lay and lie
Wrong: I told Onuoha to lay down and rest.
Correct: I told Onuoha to lie down and rest.

'Lie' means (1) speak falsely (2) repose.
'Lay' means put.

She was told to lay her needle work on the table.

The two words are often confused because the parts of 'lie' meaning 'repose' are lie - lay - lain, while the parts of 'lay' are lay - laid - laid. Using 'lie'. In the past simple tense we can say

Onuoha lay down for half an hour (ie he rested).

So today is the 1st of November and the birthday of my first bestfriend, Elohor you and I have come a long way, from high school. I remember when you used to cry when you got love notes and I'd laugh and laugh, I remember how we will spend our tfare from extra lesson just to eat suya and we'll lick menthol so nobody will grill us at home, how we used to look forward to eating iya johnny buns among other things.
It's been thirteen birthdays together and we've never had a cause to exchange words, there have been moments we wouldn't talk for months and when we get back together all we need do is pick up and were good to go; all the you turn a year older today, I wish you all the good things of life.

Welcome to November lovelies! X


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