Monday, 3 November 2014


Hello lovelies, trust we had a great night rest? Okay, this is a  post in response to the questions several prospective otondos have been asking me about what to expect on camp; btw camp opens on Tuesday so here is wishing all of you safe trip to your various camps.

*bat eyelashes*

 I still remember vividly the day I got my call up letter and saw Sokoto, I was too shocked to cry, in fact I did not cry till three days after, any hoo, I'm sure y'all are through with the tears and ready to face the future. 
Now, here is a list of what you need and what you don't need on camp.

You'll need
  • extra packs of white shirt (I went with three packs)
  • extra white shorts
  • extra white socks with green and white at the top (plain white is not allowed)
  • toiletries
  • spoon
  • food flask
  • a fanny pack (popularly called waist pouch)
  • face wipes (the rigorous activities will make you sweat a lot)
  • packs of chewing gum (I needed it to stay alert)
  • stationery
  • a note
  • a power bank or extra battery if your battery is removable
  • earpiece
  • ipod (or any other music player)
  • make up
  • mosquito net (but if you were posted to Sokoto, don't bother, we slept on the floor)
  • milk, chocolate drink, cornflakes (well, I'll say don't bother too because I did not touch mine)
  • extra tennis shoes
  • buckets (don't bring from home oh, you'll buy on camp)
  • gum (for your documentation because the ones that have will be feeling fly)
  • bed spread + pillow case
  • two mufti (you might want to go to church or leave camp to use the atm)
  • flipflop
  • 16 passport sized photographs
  • your statement of result and call up letter
  • white hijab if you are a muslim sister (you can't use any other colour)
  • white cardigan (in case you feel cold)
  • condom (if you can't hold your body)
  • cash
  • padlocks
 You do not need the following
  • a fork (they'll say it's a weapon)
  • very expensive phones
  • a camera (it might be seized from you but you'll get it on the last day)
  • stove or gas (you are not going there to cook)
  • canned food (no microwave oh)
  • knife
  • coloured socks
  • coloured footwears (except for use outside of the parade ground)

The truth is you need very minimal stuffs to take, the most important for me was money because I never stepped into the kitchen to queue for the apology of a meal we were being fed, learn how to manage your time, don't allow any soldier esp the parade commanders deceive you that he will influence your posting, they are liars, participate in sports (I learnt how to play badminton there), don't drink to stupor, don't have sex (you read that right oh, I did not kiss talk less of sex on camp besides ebola and std is real), make friends, don't love stupidly, don't pay to those video guys, most times your face won't even show and finally, don't escape parade like me *grinning*

Enjoy these three weeks


  1. Hehehe nice talk. The three week is worth enjoying but sensibly. Most guys are out to eat and run believing that it's just 3 weeks and they may not see u again. Na to shine eyes eh!

  2. I remember mine a bit fondly and I still have some friends I made in camp.
    The camp food was also palatable so i ate it a lot except when I wanted noodles or eggs.
    Luckily ours was just two weeks camp so maybe that's why I have fond memories of it.
    Kiss ke! Lailai. Not to talk of sex. My mind was on redepolying sharp sharp.

    1. Lool!!
      You needed to see what they were cooking! I no fit chop diarrhoea oh

  3. As a prospective corper, i've taken note of it. These are moments i wish the next batch should be here