Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It's the last day of the year!!

Hello hello *I'm blowing imaginary kisses to my lovely readers.. I mean today is the last day of the year and my second December 31st post on blogosphere.  I feel so emotional typing this mhen but I'll be fine like I'm fond of saying.

So before I go over how the year 2014 was for me,  I'll like to talk about Nigerians and giving unsolicited advise.

Yesterday I took my cousin out and we had to wait till it was our turn so while waiting,  she started playing candy crush (in other news my candy crush madness is back) and one of the members of staff happened to walk by that moment and he saw her playing candy crush(I'm sure he peeped into her phone which is rude) then he started yelling that children children of these days don't know anything more than game,  he was like this tab is a computer,  try to find other uses of it and at that point I was activating my madness but I stayed calm somehow. When he was done I told my cousin to continue playing her game as he was not the one who bought the tab for her after all I can decide to buy a device and use it for games only,  shey na me get my money?

After that incidence my mind flashed back to the fact that in Nigeria some people will decide to carry your matter on their head like someone selling gala in hold up by giving "free advise".  I mean people will just walk up to you and tell you "you are too fat,  you should lose weight" like I told them that I don't like my size 8 or "Seyon you hang out with guys too much,  people will think you are loose".  Here is breaking news; Seyon doesn't care about your opinion of her!!
My "mind your business" look

Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who receives free and unsolicited advise right?  Got an experience that you'd like to share? The comment section is waiting.

So my year in review *phew*

This year was quite eventful,  I saw and experienced the good,  the bad,  the ugly and the most beautiful.

In February I did my final defence,  I was supposed to go for NYSC but my department wasn't mobilized so I had to wait till August.
In March, I started working and I was teaching till July when I resigned to go and serve my country. I was eventually posted to Sokoto on the border of Sahara desert and Niger Republic and I refused to redeploy (dunno where that resolve came from) and it's not been a bed of roses but life is not a bed of roses and even if it is,  there is no rose no matter how beautiful without a thorn.

My high point of 2014 was meeting lovely people on blogosphere and I cherish the relationship we have outside this blog.  Those blog visitors who have gone awol,  I hope they are fine especially Mr anonymous ; it's been a year without a trace of him on any blog.

God was very faithful this year,  I had many challenges that I know if it was left to me I won't be able to handle but you remember he said he had our names engraved on his palms?  God didn't allow me ask  him if he was alive.  For that I'm very grateful.

It's been a glorious year for me and I hope 2015 is better!

PS: all pictures were taken with my phone so pardon me if it's not so clear when viewing with a PC.

How did the year go?


  1. I thnk God for counting us worthy to see this day knowing that will sha cross over to the new year by His grace.

    I will say 2014 was a year of new begining in my life tho it looked empty @1st but am happy God has blessed and I pray he perfects it this new year.

  2. Yo!!! 2015 get ready mehn! Mi lovely sis and I are gonna be rocking you! hehe.. Mehnnn..mami...I am happy for so many things this year. I thank God I started a blog cuz mehnnn how would I have met you? I am just so thankful for your life mami...Thank you for being the sister I never had. I dunno how to repay you for the love and the friendship between us that you have managed to keep (I can be a know).. God bless you Amaka.

    1. *shhhhhhh* what have I done eh? You don't want me to "expose" you oh *bats eyelashes*
      I'm so glad I met you, it's so amazing that friendship can defy distance and borders!
      God bless you too.

  3. the free advice thing is so annoying ehh, like it gets me so pissed. We sha thank God for this year, i got to meet you. Hopefully 2015 will be another great year.

  4. Beautiful piece dear, and your pictures are very clear on my pc..lolz
    This year, like many other previous years, has been good to me. I am the type you'd readily call "a guy without a plan". But, somehow, God keeps showing me favour and mercy. So, I sincerely give thanks to God above. He has blessed, despite my many shortcomings, he truly has..
    My number one testimony has to be that, I got a job, just a month after service. It was not a connection thing (who do I even know?) lol. It was solely, through the grace of God, and before I could shout Hallelujah, He blessed me with another job on the side (please don tell my bosses o.. lol)... 2015's gon be much bigger for us all in Jesus' name.. Amen

    PS - I am psyched beyond words to be a part of this family (God bless you Amaka dear)... I see you Miss Tibs *wink*

    1. Hian I will tell. Oya bribe me.. ... No wonder you are always busy
      I'm glad you came hun

  5. This post is a by gone lol so noting about it

  6. Nice pictures - you are brave nne ( wish I could post mine)