Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I know I'm grown because

*skips in* *grabs megaphone* hello family!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy today, I mean since yesterday actually. You know after yesterday's post, Mannie and my lovely Tibs called me (I don't know how I'll ever repay Tibs) and I was fighting back tears as Tibs and I were talking (I could be a baby sometimes). I'm so happy we're back on track and well, K suddenly started acting nice but I'm not buying that niceness jare.

An idea came to my mind and that's how this post came about. Everyday we used the word grow; grow up, stop acting immature etc so today we'll be looking at habits or attitudes we used to exhibit when we still had some growing up to do that thankfully we have dropped. Leggo

As a kid, I had habits that was bliss to me, some you don't want to know but looking back to the years gone by, sometimes I ask myself what I was thinking when I was happily indulging in them.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been through that phase, in fact, the passage of that phase is "growing up". So I'm going to list some things that I've stopped which are pointers to the fact that I'm grown. Feel free to tag yourself.

  1. I know I'm grown because I no longer add water to my Fanta to make it last.
  2. I know I'm grown because I don't run away when I see injection *lmao*
  3. I know I'm grown because I no longer say I want to eat when I know it's just the meat I want and not the food.
  4. I know I'm grown because I no longer throw unnecessary tantrums.
  5. I know I'm grown because I don't play with barbie doll anymore! Hehehe
  6. I know I'm grown because I no longer swallow toothpaste when I'm brushing.
  7. I know I'm grown because I no longer wear Mary Amaka (lmao! Those gowns with bag and saucer like hat).
  8. I know I'm grown because I no longer write my name on a paper and fix inside my pen (hehehe! The fear of petty thieves in school was the beginning of wisdom).

Your turn!

P.S Christmas is in few days time and hmmm, since I was born I've never received a christmas gift *wipes tears* so this Christmas, all I want is a phone *bats eyelashes*. I trust God that Santa won't forget me *smiles*


  1. First to comment

    I will be right back

  2. Hahaha...Really?? Godwin!!!!...hehe...Mami...what are you doing expecting a gift from Santa?...I thought we were all grown up?...lol...Mami...I still hate injections....Boy!...I am not grown in that department at allllllll!!...Mami when I was sick in September, that bloody nurse pricked me bout 4 times...I cried my eyes out mehn....I mean, you should have seen me after she pricked me the 3rd time. I looked at my husband and told him to that I hated him....Goddamnbullshit!....and you know, no matter how short or long the needles are...mehnnnnn I don't care....the fear of having foreign objects under skin scares the hell outta me.....buh I think I have not grown if all I wanna do is just eat meat..I just go to the pot to eat meat NOT the real food mehn...hehe

    I am glad you are doing great mami...Mofaya asked to talk to you so I passed him your number...It's well ehh

    1. Mofaya and I spoke this morning mami. Yes it is well oh!
      Injections are better than drugs for me jare.
      That meat issue, I stopped it a loooong time ago because the way my mum will trash you Eh?
      Leave santa and I alone oh *bats eyelashes*

  3. I never grow for injection matter o and I still eat because of meat
    Hope you feel better now

    1. Hehehe you and Tib la!
      I feel good Sweerie

  4. Hahaha..... Amy dearie you've grown indeed!!!
    I actually wrote my name on a paper and fix inside my pen during my final exams this year because it was blessed by our Rev. Fr. I no wan hear story on top my blessed pen. Lolz... I'm still growing abi??? ***HideMyFaceAndRunsAway***

    1. Choi I'm covering my face on yoour behalf oh.
      Hehehe anyway Erm *scratching my head* the council of elders said you are grown *shines teeth*

  5. @amaka I never grow for that injection side. I can't remember the last time I was injected with a syringe. I fear that pin die.
    I'm grown cos I play football manager not button and paper. :D


    1. *pensive* why is it that y'all are scared of injections? Me I can't swallow drugs without eba or ribena *covers face*
      Ah! That paper and button that time with that post chai chai! Now I'm reminiscing

  6. lmao! Amaka, you are a case aswear.. heheheheh This post had me smiling like a kid again.. So leggooo.. I know I am grown cause i know longer lick maggi and Tin Tomato (okay I still lick Tin Tomato sha), I know I am grown cause I no longer steal toys and lie that I dont know where they went.. I am sure I am grown cause i know longer peak under the skirts of gehs, pretending to be walking just beneath them on the stair case.. damn I am grown, cause at a time yeah, these were my reality. lmao. Thanks for helping me reminisce bubba.

    In other news, my! am I glad that you and your roomie have kinda resolved your little thingy Bubba, just know that life is life, and everyone will never love you, so Bubba, strut around like you are the queen bee all time every time, and don't let nobory get you down. Cheers. xx

    1. Maggi? Lick maggi? Ewww and tin tomato? Chai chaai
      But bubba you don spoil tey tey oh *scratches head* all of una wey dey peep our bumbum from under the stairs that time! *side eye*
      Well that one? I have no words for her jare.
      I've milsed you die Oh

  7. *i know I have grown when I stoppped been very abusive
    *i know I have grown when the offender gets offended because I always walk away without giving them my bad tongue.
    *i know I have grown when I stopped eating half cooked meal in the kitchen before anyone else.

    *runs offff*

    1. Chai chai so you eat the food on fire before it's done? Chai chai
      Ok you're Forgiven

  8. chai !!!!
    thanks for this dear... been having some busy 3days... this just took me back, and most times, when you go back, you smile..lolz
    I used to do things o when I was young o
    *like dip okin biscuit in water before I eat it.... LMAO (is okin biscuit still selling?)
    *Pillow fights with my big cousins.... Most of em are married now
    so many things... I am still growing sha..lolz

    1. Hehehe
      Okin can be hard then ehn! But e dey sweet die. They still make it but it's not like before