Friday, 19 December 2014

Nobody was born dull

Hello awayu *in Olamide's voice* so my holiday starts today and my bag is packed already; Temmy, Dr, Chuka...... I'm coming home oh *bats eyelashes* and even though I'm not staying long I hope to see some of my lovely blog visitors.

Today is actually a lazy day for me and when I woke up I wasn't sure I wanted to post anything but I came up with something eventually and this will be a quick post.

I'm sure some of you know I love teaching and I've been doing holiday teaching jobs since I was 16. So far, I've come across several children with different learning capability.

In the school where I serve, many of the children are labelled "dull", "stupid" because they don't catch up quickly etc and it pains me when I hear such.

I remember in 2008 when I was teaching in a primary school, one particular boy was the slowest and the other teacher was impatient with him so I picked interest in him (when I teach, I look out for the weak students) and I started dedicating my free period to helping him catch up with his peers. Within one week, there was a change and his mother came to school to see the wonder teacher that helped Muh'd and I patiently explained to her that Muh'd was a slow learner.

You see, I'm quite a slow learner too so I understand and I can emphatise with slow learners but society expects everybody to learn at the same pace forgetting all fingers are not equal. The last job I had before NYSC opened my eyes the more. Within three days I classified the fast and slow learners and I patiently started doing my bit. At the end of third term, the child that was 18th in second term came first and when I was computing the average, I was shocked and I calculated it five more times but it was the same. Even the head teacher said I did chuachua and I showed him the child's script and I can't describe the look on his face. In fact, the management said after service, my slot is still waiting for me and while I'm not bragging, I know how parents call me to bless me for helping their children because once I discover what the problem is I call the attention of the parent to it and profer solutions while doing my bit and it's been working so far.

I know no parents likes to have a child that is not doing too well at school but parents and even elder siblings should realize that there are different learning methods and what works for A might not work for B. When you try 1+1=2 and the child is not getting it, bring the example home. Say 1barbie doll+ 1barbie doll= 2barbie dolls, that way they can relate to the examples and it even makes learning fun. When it comes to -5+2=-3, you could say if I borrow you 5naira today and you pay me 2 naira, it leaves you with 3 naira debt and when you borrow it is -, when you pay it is +, that way you bring practical examples home and the kids can relate in the head. I made maths interesting for my kids that even time that gives most Nigerian kids headache was fun for us!

We should stop the prejudice; calling kids dull, stupid and so on is demoralizing. Don't compare kids either, we were not born with the same abilities afterall some of us forming smart now used to score zero when we were at the stage our younger ones or pupils are in now. I do not believe anybody is dull, what we have are slow learners!


  1. **sigh** This is so true...I remember when I did my research on 'Slow Learners'...We went to a Malay school and boy!...just when you think that some students are slow, you are hit with something BIG!...imagine a kid known as a slow learner, recapping what he was taught 2 weeks ago..apparently, he processes stuffs really slow buh when he gets it.....BAM! He can never forget it....Crazy right?

    1. It's perfectly normal. It's the impatient teachers that are crazy jare

  2. God bless you for being a wonderful teacher and person. My immediate younger sisters are slow learners and I know it took a lot of work for my parents to teach them without comparing them to me.
    No child should be called dull

  3. That's gonna make u a good wife material too. Keep it up.


  4. Wow! Great job there Amaka. A teachers job is far beyond teaching and giving assignments but also taking note of the disabilities and learning pace of each students. Its really been a while dear, how have u been?

  5. Yes, well said dear.
    I've been keeping up with the hustle dear

  6. True That, dear...
    Back when I was in Gidi, there was this neighbour of mine, who was so dull that, he couldn't even spell his name right(true story).. But after two failed WAEC exam, he decided to sit up, and sit up he did... Long story short, he is now a year 3 economics student in Uniport and one of the best student there... I am always proud of how that kid turned his life around.. It's amazing.... Truly, nobody was born dull

    1. Honestly I feel this article needs an even wider audience.
      More people need to read about this especially parents,teachers and even school administrators. Even students too need to know that they aren't dull.
      Babe,try sending this post to newspapers and other blogs.
      Especially those with parent audiences.
      Whatddya think!