Sunday, 7 December 2014

NYSC diary 3

Today makes it four month I relocated to Northern Nigeria. Oh well, it's been a journey filled with thorn and thistles but here I am......a survivor!

I remember what was on my mind as the plane was making its descent into Sokoto; all I could see was dry land and I was practically rolling my eyes. After circa 18 days in camp, the journey to the (un)known began and I got my first baptism of fire when I was dispossessed of my bag and other valuables * I've still not gotten over it*

When I reported to my PPA, I was unsure of what to expect but then, there is no shortage of classrooms or furniture here.
After series of delay and all, I was assigned to teach JAS3 A-E! Imagine me teaching 5 arms with a minimum of 52 students in each class!! Now don't get me wrong as I like teaching but when you are teaching in a school where English is not understood( everything is ba turechi ie no english), even the assembly is conducted in hausa, then you understand how frustrated and drained I usually am after each lectures because the course I take (Basic Technology) doesn't have much gesticulation to do!

My students and I

Lemme go back on the time machine to my first day at work; as a Lagos babe, I dressed corporate only to find the teachers dressed casually with slippers to top it! I was mad as I brought my office wears and all! I can't write how disappointed and sad I was when I saw the students filing in with very tattered uniforms and flipflops! That was it. When I asked them they said babu kudi ie no money and I made a mental note that even if I wanted to buy toiletries for them, how many will I buy from my meagre 19,000 Salary? Because the truth is many of them do not shower to school. Anyways, this is my 9th week there and I've learnt to turn a blind eye to their dirtiness but believe you me it breaks my heart and the truth is if you flog or reprimand them, they might just stop coming to school as many of them are forced to learn *sigh* the most annoying part is when they be like Mallama Patience, after school na to marry Mata (wife) and I'm like wtf? It's terrible but the educational system here though! In fact I can't write somethings here for my safety.

Where I stay is another cinema! It's filled with manner less people who can't knock before barging into your privacy, it's filled with backstabbing bitches, I mean I hardly use the bitch word so if I use it, then I mean it.....not like anybody stabbed me in the back because I don't have that time for new friends and idle gossips but you know I'll be on my own and X will come gossip Y to me and later I'll see X laughing with Y and I give that knowing smile. In fact the gossip and jealousy here is a story for another day; and my roomies? It never rains but pours *sigh*

Aren't i looking good? *bats eyelashes*

I joined the editorial and publicity group CDS and I got the opportunity to be on Rima FM 97.1 and was it fun? You bet it was! But the studio equipment are so 1900! Anyway that's what I get for being in Sokoto.
CDS is one other stressful place but what can I do?

My first ever CDS. kindly ignore the shapeless Khaki NYSC gave me

my new Khaki

I'm so grateful for the journey so far, God has been faithful; I've not had any serious sickness and it's so unlike me although the harmattan is so harsh that my nose has been bleeding but then, I'll be fine!

My current look

P.S. We've got a new visitor, Austin Uche; I used to stalk him on one of the blogs I used to visit (silent stalking oh) and I was so happy when I saw his comments. Welcome darling, hope you'll stay with us!


  1. Awww.. Thank you so much dear... I aint going nowhere..lolz

    And keep keeping on dear, the Lord is your strength...
    It is disheartening to know that, most of the richest men in Nigeria are from the North, and this reality does not in anyway, reflect on 80% of northerners.

    1. *dancing sekem*
      The Lord is my strength oh! The poveryt I see here? God help us! What I know is that the north can never catch up with the other part of Nigeria and the gap between the haves and have nots, even third mainland bridge can't close it!

  2. I get the 'This place drains me' part....Goddamnbullshit! are really stressed out mehnnn......easy does it mami....buh are really really drained out...

  3. my first Time here. uv got a nice piece up dia. Bur Ao do u communicate with ur students? n do u still wear corporate wears??? lol.

    1. Yayyy! Isn't today just wonderful? We got two new visitors *dancing sekem* welcome darling!
      I threaten them that if they speak hausa they'll pay 10 bucks but then, all it does is turn them to actors with the gesticulation but some are trying sha.
      I wear them oh! I came with two big echolac boxes filled with them self.
      Off to your blog

  4. Amaka it is well with you life in the north no be beans o lol. But all is for experience, experience gained can never be a lost. Austine Uche my Name sake lol you're welcome broda

    1. Amen oh *crossing myself*
      All is well that ends well jare

  5. At least they have a good saloon where you can change your hair.... i'm sure you were forming blogger cum presenter on the radio o...
    Hang in there mate, the end is quite near

    1. This pikin! Lmao
      Funny enough I didn't mention it anyways because many of them are clueless.

  6. Wow....babes you're trying o... I feel for you. I can imagine how hard it must be for you. The Lord is your strength o... before you know it, you'll be out of there...just make the most of every moment you have there. It is well.