Friday, 12 December 2014

Sir Gabriel and others leave me alone!

Hello my people, is friday *winks* and although I'm not turning up physically, I'm turning up in spirit with y'all.
Uh, I'm kinda pissed! Hold on yet, no guy is bothering me again but can someone tell Sir Gabriel and others sending me spam mails to stop? Here are some.

Konga And Jumia Dead! Secrets Exposed (Open Fast)
How You Can Start, And Successfully Run A Mini
Importation Business in Nigeria With As Little
As N20,000 Capital And Make Up To N250,000 to
N350,000 Monthly


Hello my good friend,

Today i want to share with you some importation
business ideas, goods that you can bring in using
the tutorials on my new importers report and sell
them like pure water.

This ideas is superb and can help you make some
cool money before Xmas

Apart from Samsung Galaxy S4 phones,you an also get
the following item from the Asian trading company
and their 3 solid websites that i am going to reveal
to you in my new importers report.

1. Laptops - You can get high quality laptops
using our tutorials at very cheap rate.
I am talking about genuine HP laptops for just

2. Mobile Phone Solar Charger - This device uses
solar energy to charge your phone anywhere there
is sun rays.

3. Tablet Pc - This is one of the latest trends in
town and its hot as everyone is looking towards
getting a tablet pc and you can capitalize on this
and bring in lots of tablet and sell them at more
cheaper rate then they are sold in 9ja.

4. Mobile Phones - You can get mobile phones like
original HTC,LG phones,Nokia Lumia series,Blackberry
smartphones,at cheap rates and make huge pr0fits
from s3lling them.

5. Hollandis material - If you are not a woman,then
you ask women around you.
Holladis is a treasured clothing among women and
you can get original ones for N3,000 for 6 yards
and the same 6yards go for N16,000 in shops.

There are over a thousands product that you can import,
it all rests on you to make your choice while i will
show you how to import them without hassles.

Check them out here

My new importation Business guide is a hold me by
the hand step-by-step guide that will guide
how on how to get started and even sell
your goods without leaving the comfort
of your home.

Click on the link below to download your copy


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2. Hello dear
My name is Winna, I'll be happy to have you as a friend and establish a lasting relationship with you have something very important to talk with you.

I couldn't find the one Sir Gabriel sends as at the time of posting this but oga, I don't have a penis that needs to be enlarged biko! Btw when you get such mails or the central bank of Burkina faso type, do not make the mistake of replying! Just delete.


  1. See ehn I'm tired of whoever these people are. The annoying thing is that these are spam mails o but for some weird reasons, yahoo won't send them to d trash or spam, instead my important mails will be going to spam instead of these stupid mails

    1. Tell you what? I'm plain sick and tired of them! That's why I even prefer gmail.

  2. Hehe...When I read this yesterday...I was like...Erhmmmm...who the fuck is Sir Gabriel?...hehe...mami...I think it's usually best, you just hit the 'delete' button soon as you see those sorta emails...Howdy mamacita!

    1. I dunno too oh! I delete them but they never stop coming!!

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Sir Gabriel sends me those damn messages too o... I have tried to report his email address without success, so far... Please someone, tell me how to report that damn Mr Gabriel to yahoo o

    1. Torr! My own is that if I even had a penis it would have been good oh!

  4. Mehn the ones I get someone in London, I'm a slave and I need help. E don taya me... just delete straight up..