Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I'm really vexed!  I mean really vexed but lemme calm down so I won't be the grouchy one.

Okay,  in my lodge *story of my life* there is this particular guy that is friends with my roomie and he is fond of barging into our room without knocking not minding that I could be clad in my birthday suit when he does that and each time he does that,  I'm usually burnt!  I've told him to knock and wait for a response before entering but that seem to have fallen on deaf ears as he has not stopped that rude behaviour.. Okay at this point I'm calm.

Lovelies,  do you know that asides from barging into a room,  there are other rude behaviors we indulge in every other day either by commission or omission?
Let's run through some of them together.

1. Sitting with your partner and looking at the opposite sex.

Imagine some people will go on a date with their partner and they'll still be looking at the ukwu sarambara or six packs of other people.  Hmmmm,  Amaka says it's rude.

2. Making fun of handicapped people.

I do not hesitate to take on people who do this,  I mean that's so insensitive,  rude and offensive especially since we know nobody prays to be in such state.

3. Shouting or talking out loud in the movies.

This though!  I don't know why some people do not know that they do not have to yell continuously in the movies.  When people do that beside me,  all I feel like doing is shoving my pop corn down their throat!
If you have that urge to shout in the movies next,  remember to fill your mouth with pop corn,  water or anything.

4. Keeping people waiting while you're taking a call.

This though!  The proper thing to do is tell the other party you'll call back if you do not know how long the call will last.

5. Allowing your pets to disturb at night.

Our neighbor at home Iya Oba,  this is for you oh!  This woman has three big dogs that have found midnight the best time to bark thereby disturbing the peace and my sleep everyother day.
I have no words for people that indulge in this sha.

6. Jumping the queue.

When I was in school,  this was a norm especially on the line for the bus and when I talk, people will be like my own is too much but I still talk anyway.
During clearance one girl will come from nowhere and want to jump the queue,  in fact Nigerians are so guilty of this but Amaka is saying it is rude.

7. Cell phone offences.

I'm classifying texting or calling during dates,  while having a conversation with someone,  receiving calls during meals (except it's an emergency),  browsing during dates and dinner under cell phone offences.  It's very very rude oh.

I'll stop here for now , feel free to add yours but if you indulge in the afore mentioned,  hmmmm,  try to change this new year.



  1. hahahahahahahahha First of Yeah, the Iya Oba's case had me in metal stitches.. lmao.. ROTFL.. lollll @"Our neighbor at home Iya Oba, this is for you oh! This woman has three big dogs that have found midnight the best time to bark thereby disturbing the peace and my sleep everyother day." hahaha goddamnbullcrap hehehe You know yeah, there is a whole much longer list than this Bubba of things that are wrong, but i feel it all boils down to the individual. Me! You can do all of this an I wont even blink an eye, but if You ignore me once ehnn, then Its over, except I love you deep sha and you apologize.. :) Who mocks a handicap?! Meh maka thats just mean and wrong **Sad face

    I still dont get why ladies call that "state" Birthday suit oooo.. Oh well, you ladies are the cream de la cream nah.. so it's understood **Winks.. About your Mr No Knock Knock... I think he is just being young and confused and looking for some sugar nah, I mean even a bush man knows its wrong to barge into where ladies want to be comfortable at now.. Kind advice.. Say it to him in strong words, and its sure to stick, trust me, we men like our pride.. Cheers bubba. xx Its always a delight to read from Amaka of Life aswear.. hehehe she always has me laughing lika a hyena.. lmao

    1. Birthday suit is an idiom nah! When you won't come for grammar lessons on Saturday nko? *side eye*
      I get you on these stuffs not getting to you but I'm just listing attitudes that are generally wrong, not minding the fact that we care about them or not.
      Abeg no laugh like hyena nna, can't write statement oh.

  2. Hanhan what's wrong with you and your partner staring at ukwu na or six pack? Ya just a buzz kill *rme.
    People laugh at handicaps, wow that's a special type if insensitive.
    Rude behaviour: walking into a room filled with people, and not saying hi. You just walk right up to your seat... I cannot understand this tho.

    1. Amaka says no to roving eyes oh.
      Yes, I've seen people do that and I just bow my head in shame for them.
      In my cds, I walk in and say hi to only a select few jare *covers face*

  3. My dogs bark in the night so i might be guilty of that but then i can't control their mouths.
    People who jump queues are forever on my hit list....I'll hunt them down soon

    1. It's not a crime for your dogs to bark so long as they are not disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. Esther it's annoying I swear!

  4. Jumping queues is the one that gets to me the most..... Damn it !!!!!!! LOL

    Good morning beautiful people

    1. Where has this sugar bear of mine been hiding?

    2. I see you dearie... sorry for being MIA.. I'm sure you're doing good.. Cheers

  5. Ehn ehn! Madam weave.
    Lemme come and agree and disagree.
    Ok. I agree except for 2.
    Honestly, if I could cellotape my dogs mouth shut at night I would. Cos they disturb not just the neighbour's but You. In fact sef the noise is loudest cos they are closer to you. However I can't knock their hyper heightened hearing cos it's saved us from all those robbers who don't carry gun or make noise but you wake up and your house is empty.
    There was a period they operated in our area often until we vex go take Opc.
    As per the cell phone during dates. I agree but if a date is boring I no send oh.

    1. If the date is boring, you are excused ehn.
      Don't worry I'm taking the weave down tomorrow so no more flipping for now.

  6. It's rude when you robocop people; appraising their value by looking at them from top to bottom.. It's very common among ladies

  7. Nne I love you so very much for this particular post. Re: number 2: I really hate it when people make fun of the handicapped, and comedians always do that! Would you say something so insensitive if you had a handicapped child?

    1. Thanks obim.
      I don't get some expensive jokes at times really.

    2. Those jokes are beyond me - only a cruel person would make them