Thursday, 15 January 2015

Uses of vinegar

Vinegar is one common household essential but asides cooking, many of us do not find it useful for other purposes but trust me to dig out some uses.

1. Clean Windows
Instead of spending money on window cleaning chemicals — especially ones that include toxic or potentially toxic chemicals — make your own! Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water, and dispense into a used spray bottle. Squirt on, then scrub with newspaper, not paper towels, which cause streaking.

2. Get Fresher Laundry
Got grass stains? No problem. Make a mixture of one-third cup white vinegar and two-thirds cup water. Apply the solution to the stain and blot with a clean cloth. Repeat this process until you've removed as much green as possible, and then launder as usual.

When your big washing day comes around, toss in a capful of white vinegar. Your colors will come out bolder and your whites whiter. After washing, get a sharper crease in pants by dipping the cloth in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Then wring out the cloth and press the creases.

3. Clean Carpets
Battle some carpet stains (like wine) with a mix of vinegar and warm water.

4. Wash Produce
Vinegar may help remove bacteria and pesticide residues from fruits and veggies. Mix three parts water to one part white vinegar, and dispense in a spray bottle. Then rinse with water.

5. Dissolve Stubborn Glue
Having trouble getting that annoying sticky label residue off a product? Or accidentally glue something together? Try using vinegar as a solvent to dissolve many common adhesives. Vinegar is also good at cutting grease.



  1. I'm definitely using vinegar to clean table tops and tv stands. This hammattan is not playing fair on my furniture.

    1. As in ehn!
      Everywhere is dusty now even when the windows are tightly shut. I'm glad you found a use of my tips.

  2. Its really needed this harmmattan period.......

  3. Hey sis...Howdy lah....Soooo...Uhm...(I dunno why I always gotta embarrass myself everytime I get on Mami, I used to pronounce 'Viagra' and 'Vinegar' the same way.....I had a huge problem tryna to get them right....when eventually I got the difference between them, I subconsciously preferred the word 'Viagra' I found myself asking questions like, 'Do you think they used Viagra to make this, cuz I hear it is very good when served in spaghetti sauce'......**sigh**....I got back today and I embarrassed myself today.....Grrr...what a big sis you are! hehe

    1. Lwkmd seriously?
      I'm shaking my head alongside Lohla

  4. I only knew it was good for hair. Am going to use it for laundry and cleaning. Thanks

  5. I've never used one before. Prolly gonna give it a try.


  6. I'm still trying to 'digest' the wonders of vinegar. I don't like the smell though (nauseating smell)

    1. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages jor

  7. This blog provides very good information for the uses of vinegar. From a female point of view I have a couple of other extremely beneficial uses for vinegar:
    Yeast infections can be prevented by douching with one tablespoon of vinegar mixed with one 250ml warm water.
    Mixing vinegar with warm water and rinsing your hair after shampooing will add highlights to brown hair, as well as restore acid mantel and excess soap.

    Blanca Douglas @ Safeclean Ealing