Monday, 26 January 2015


Good morning lovelies, I'm so sorry I've not been updating like before,  baby girl has been so busy ehn. How have we been faring??

After morning devotion today,  I was on my bed processing my thoughts and reminiscing when I remembered an event that happened when I was in high school. We were in our final class I think and as is the custom in most Nigerian schools , students meant to write WASSCE in their school will go and register in miracle centres where the answers will be written for them on the board.
That and sundry fraud are termed "runs" so this man was talking passionately about those who indulge in such and he was like "all of you that go and register for running....." at first it didn't sink in but the moment we got it,  the whole assembly erupted into laughter and we were like sir,  runs is runs,  it is not a short form of running and trust me,  he was ashamed.

Sometimes ago,  I used to think BTW meant between only so one day I was chatting with my friend and I needed to write between and I wrote BTW and she was like babes,  BTW is by the way, well trust Amaka, I didn't agree easily but then,  it stuck and since then,  to avoid stories that touch,  I type in full but if I have to  do shorthand,  Google is my best friend because lol has gone from meaning lots of love only to 1001 other things.

In reality,  nobody is an island of knowledge, trust me nobody knows it all so when in doubt,  do the needful and the needful is asking instead of assuming and making a fool of yourself.

Ever been a victim of wrong assumptions?? Let's talk.


  1. Yes, you are spot on with this post. 'When in doubt, ask'.


  2. I used to think smh meant somehow, and I didn't ask because I didnt want people to think I was old fashioned or stupid. I found out from my little sister. When in doubt, ask!

    There are so many abbreviations these days and the confusing part is that one might mean two or three things. How can a simple girl like me keep up?

  3. My dear i always thought smh meant somebody help ubtil i said it out and my toaster quietly pinched me and whispered "babe keep quiet na rubbish u just talk so" into my ears..... i was so ashamed of myself eh

  4. I do tease girls that Say SMH
    Girl: SMH
    Tayo: You can't seduce me na, why are Shaking your Hips.. Epic!!