Sunday, 22 February 2015

Birthday wishes

Hiya lovelies.. It's the beginning of a new week, not just a new week but the last week of the month. Really it's been God all the way.

February 22 every year is one special day for me because it's the day two people very dear to me were born.

I remember the smile on Tope's face the day she walked into my room during pre degree.. Since then she's become a sister more than a friend.  She is the one I cry to when I am confused,  sad,  etc.  Even the separation NYSC brought did nothing to weaken the ties that bind.

Samuel and I became close in year 1, the circumstances that lead to our bring friends is one I don't like to remember but thank God we weathered the storm and emerged unscathed. My first love as I like to call him,  I can never forget the way you encouraged me especially in the things of God and introducing me to NIFES.

Today as you both add a year to your years,  I pray God's favour upon you,  as you've watered my life,  may you also be watered. I can go on and on with the Blessings but even more than my heart desire,  may God bless you two.