Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday game show.

Hiya lovelies, I'm so sorry I've not been updating regularly, I've been so busy I hardly have time to sit and coordinate my thoughts. The truth is I even thought of resting this blog in between this confusion but well,  here we are.

I came up with this idea of starting a game and it could be riddle, current affairs, brain teasers or as the spirit leads so here goes.


  1. Amakaaaaaaaaaaa

    For taking a large part of my work time today, you must compensate me oooo lmao

    This is a big task

    From what i can deduce from this, I conclude as

    The Father is the Muderer

    The Mother is the Witness

    The Daughter is the Victim

    The Son is the one that Helped the Murderer. And the son is also the Youngest!!!!!!

  2. The mother was the murderer.

  3. Chei Amaka this your post have chased your readers away ooo!!!!


    1. Lmfao I refuse to believe that. I won't post the answer yet though.

  4. Unfortunately I'm not good at detective work. Email me the link lol

  5. **covers face**

    Mother - Murderer
    Son - Helped the murderer
    Daughter - Witness
    Father - Victim....

    **runs away** lol