Saturday, 21 February 2015


Hiya lovelies.. How did the turning up go last night? As for me I've been battling flu oh,  I don't want to believe my immune system is weak because I'm tired of being ill every now and then,  besides I've upped my fruit intake. Anyhoo, down to the business of the day.
Today we'll be looking at common misspellings. Leggo

1. WRONG: Arguement
     CORRECT: Argument
Note however that judgement or judgment is correct.

2. WRONG: Infact
     CORRECT: In fact
This is not one word like "indeed". In spite is also two words.

3. WRONG: Maintainance
     CORRECT: maintenance

4. WRONG: priviledge
     CORRECT: privilege

5. WRONG: strainous
     CORRECT: strenuous

..... And it's a wrap guys.
I want to use this medium to heartily congratulate all batch A corps members,  y'all came,  saw and conquered. I wish you the very best in this next phase of life.  Bless.


  1. Thanks ever so much, my favourite English teacher

  2. Hian infact hehehehehe Amaka ooooo ok I have taken note In fact wow

    So indeed can stay together? Amazing

    That privilege has always confused me biko...

    How is your health? Biko small small oooo, ensure you eat and take your drugs regularly

    It is well with you

    1. I'm good now mami. Been a while though.