Saturday, 28 February 2015


Woo-hoo it's the last day of the month and trust me,  it's been an amazing ride these past Saturday. The feed back I get from our grammar class is so encouraging.. Oya chop kiss *mwah*

Y'all know I am a sucker for good English so imagine the face I make when learned people say "informations",  "staffs"  and the likes and I'm usually like seriously??

Anyhoo, not all nouns have plural form and such nouns fall under "uncountable nouns". Today,  we shall be considering a few of them.

  1. Accommodation 
  2. Baggage
  3. Courage 
  4. Equipment
  5. Education
  6. Fun
  7. Furniture 
  8. Homework
  9. Information 
  10. Knowledge 
  11. Love
  12. Luck 
  13. Marketing 
  14. News
  15. Patriotism (and other - ism words) 
  16. Progress 
  17. Research 
  18. Sleep 
However,  note that monies is the plural form of money as used in financial and legal contexts to mean "individual sums of money"... And it's a wrap guys. Till our next lesson,  make sure your spoken English is on fleek *bats eyelashes*. 


  1. Even the computer outlines Staff as Staffs but I know there is no staffs

    Lol can't imagine "Educations"

    Tanx Amaka, I have taken note of the words infact I munched it.

    Went for a vigil and am still in bed or on bed? Lolz but you crucify me

    1. Yes oh, I even hear press men say staffs and I shake my head.
      Lool ok, when you want to use on, it has to take definite article, ie a or the and I've heard people say you use on the bed when you're just sitting or doing some other things apart from sleeping but in bed is used when you're preparing to sleep and you're all covered up.
      Hope you prayed for us?

    2. Awwwww yes ma noted

      But what if I wanna sleep on a mat?so that will be " Am in Mat"

      Hehehehe Amaka don't mind me. The question actually came up during a youth prog and there was a section for "Mind your grammar"

    3. Lmao, you already answered it nah. Since it has taken a definite article, it's correct.
      It's ok, others and I can benefit too since we learn everyday.

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  3. The most annoying one that get to me as a lawyer, is evidences. A lot of people make that mistake. Evidence is an uncountable noun.

    1. Your client wants you to know they have too much evidence (S) hehehehehe that should make you win their case....

    2. God help us oh. It's really bad!
      Thanks for stopping by Opus

  4. once again, thanks ever so much for this post - you know how much I love grammar lessons. Common grammatical errors are staffs, equipments, staffs, accommodations, luggages, etc.

    Did you know that 'slangs' is grammatically incorrect?

  5. seen, noted, understood.



  6. Erhmmm...mami, everytime I see a grammar post here, you remind me of my colleagues who wanna shift my star with their grammar....Today, we did a lil survey in one of my courses and I can't tell you how many times I heard the word 'populations'....I mean really?...and then someone from another group decided to give everyone buh me a brain tumor when he said 'The survey I carried out was basis on Childrens under the age groups of 15 and I got the average numbers of 51% interested in Xbox'.....Thank God I had on a cap.....that sucker could have killed my star...

    1. Lool each time you type this I try to imagine I'm in your your shoes! Choi.

  7. Loooooooool ernie has killed me, say what now? How does one even process that.

    Aunty Amaka, Weldone!