Saturday, 25 April 2015


Hiya lovelies?? I'm so sorry I've been off and on here, I've been extra busy with stuffs here and it's not been easy juggling two things at a time hence my silence.

Today we'll be considering English words that are commonly confused otherwise known as false cognates.

These words are often confused because they sound or are written so similarly.

  • A while and awhile: A while is two words meaning "a short period of time"  while awhile doesn't exist in English language. 
  • Advice and advise: Advice is a noun meaning "an opinion given with the intention of helping"  while advise is a verb meaning "to give counsel or advice". 
  • Affect and effect: Affect is a verb meaning "to influence"  while effect means "to cause". 
  • Aid and aide: Aid is "help or assistance given"  while aide "is a person who helps". 
  • All right and alright: All right is a phrase meaning "everything is right"  while alright is a single word meaning ok.
  • All together and altogether: All together is applied to people or things that are being treated as a whole while altogether is an adverb that means "completely or totally". 
  • All ways and always: All ways means "by every means or method"  while always means "forever". 
  • Already and all ready: Already is an adverb that indicates an action that is completed by a certain time while all ready means "everything is completely prepared". 
  • Among and between: Among is used for three or more while between is used for two things. 
  • Amount and number: Amount is used with uncountable and abstract nouns while number is used with countable and concrete plural expressions. 
........ And that's it for today's lesson. Thanks to this source for additional information. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lyrics of the day


Liar, liar,  your pants are on fire
You've got a nose as long as a telephone wire
I swear to tell the truth
Nothing but the truth
So help me God
I cross my heart and hope to die
These are the words we use
To get out of situations
Then I wonder why
We don't mean what we say
Then I remembered the terrible truth
About the truth

If you stand for the truth
You will always stand alone

The holy book tells us
The truth will set us free
But in this world I know different
Do you believe in the truth
Do you believe in righteousness
Do you believe in innocent
Till proven guilty
Cause those that tell the truth
Are always on the run... Oh God
Then I wonder why
We don't mean what we say
Then I remembered the terrible truth
About the truth

Chorus till fade 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tell me

Tell me of woes
And I'll tell you of joys
Tell me of failures
And I'll tell you of success
Tell me of fears
And I'll tell you of confidence
For life is what you make of it
Some fear the height
And have remained down
Some hate the risk
And have not progressed
Some cry wolf even when it's only a lamb
And so have remained an alien to success
For to reap in abundance
Is to scale the scary heights
Tell me of frowns
And I'll tell you of laughter
Tell me of bitterness
And I'll tell you of money hatred
And I'll tell you of love
For peace is the heart that hath her rest in God. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lyrics of the day


We're living in the world
With a lot of crazy people
We're living in the world with psychopaths
Everyone of them wants to rule the world
Some people have the front row seat at the top of the world
Yeah ah some people have nothing but just a life
Problems are there left and right
Liars, cheaters, politicians and back stabbers
Making life a little bit more unbearable
Yeah ah it is a give or take world
So you got to take what you can when you can
Make the best of it woo


Say yeah, celebrate life
Say yeah, life is good (x4)

We're living in the world with demented people
There's a man standing on the edge of the bridge
Ready to end it all
Some people don't know what life is worth
Some people have the front row seat at the gates of hell
You could be having problems right now
But there's no problem worth your life
People fight to stay alive every day
Cause they know life is worth more than worries.
So you got to take what you can when you can
Make the best of it,
 Wooo  say yeah,yeah
celebrate life say yeah, yeah life is good.......till fade.

So far.....

Holla Holla Holla!!! Chai it's been looooooong and I've missed this space!!! I have come to realize what it means to be cut off albeit abruptly from those you call family... e no easy.

I'm fine but I still get scared when I hear someone walking behind me or when someone touches me from is even worse when someone I do not know is looking at me...well, I get agitated when evening service is taking too long and I try not to break into a run when I'm walking with nobody in sight and the way I cluth my purse tight!!! oh my!!! my friends are tired of asking me to drop it other than that, I'm fine, there is no post election violence here and NYSC is coming to a close for me!!! Now isn't that something??

Well, I finally learnt the hard way that nothing is really worth there is nothing that is too big to be given out; now I give but I've had this struggle with giving something out but given the fact that the phones I've lost in this town cost me 110,000 naira, I have buckled and surrendered.

That's it for now...till I return fully, keep holding on for me!