Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lyrics of the day


Liar, liar,  your pants are on fire
You've got a nose as long as a telephone wire
I swear to tell the truth
Nothing but the truth
So help me God
I cross my heart and hope to die
These are the words we use
To get out of situations
Then I wonder why
We don't mean what we say
Then I remembered the terrible truth
About the truth

If you stand for the truth
You will always stand alone

The holy book tells us
The truth will set us free
But in this world I know different
Do you believe in the truth
Do you believe in righteousness
Do you believe in innocent
Till proven guilty
Cause those that tell the truth
Are always on the run... Oh God
Then I wonder why
We don't mean what we say
Then I remembered the terrible truth
About the truth

Chorus till fade 


  1. I'm the FTC...

    i guess by now you must known how much i like dube. He is right bout standing for the truth tho.


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  3. Oosssshheeeyy! Bumping head To and Fro! Ja-Rasta-Fried-Rice style :) **Wears Straight face.. Amaka, so your plan is to turn us into a JaRastaFriedRice's fan and disappear ba?! Issorait! **In www.marriedinph.blogspot.com 's voice.. KontinHu.. :( How are you Bubba?! Ooosssshheey Turn uP!

    1. Hahaha I didn't disappear intentionally *covers face*

  4. Mofaya got me a reggae collection and I think I have heard this song....buh 'Prisoner' would always be my favorite...

    How have you been mami? Sorry I haven't gotten on this space in a long time...