Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So far.....

Holla Holla Holla!!! Chai it's been looooooong and I've missed this space!!! I have come to realize what it means to be cut off albeit abruptly from those you call family... e no easy.

I'm fine but I still get scared when I hear someone walking behind me or when someone touches me from behind..it is even worse when someone I do not know is looking at me...well, I get agitated when evening service is taking too long and I try not to break into a run when I'm walking with nobody in sight and the way I cluth my purse tight!!! oh my!!! my friends are tired of asking me to drop it other than that, I'm fine, there is no post election violence here and NYSC is coming to a close for me!!! Now isn't that something??

Well, I finally learnt the hard way that nothing is really worth  it...like there is nothing that is too big to be given out; now I give but I've had this struggle with giving something out but given the fact that the phones I've lost in this town cost me 110,000 naira, I have buckled and surrendered.

That's it for now...till I return fully, keep holding on for me!


  1. It must be really bad........ I think I understand how you feel and what your going through....
    I'm holding on and I'll be praying for you.

  2. Eeeyah....that the psychological effect of been mobed, but am sure with time you will be fine.


  3. And she is back!!!!! **sounds the alarm** She is back!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yaaaaasssss hunty she back #snapsfingers. I was about to do a post, and saw on my blog roll that you had updated your blog! Men I literally abandoned new post and ran down her. You have been greatly missed dear welcome back.

    Don't worry you'll overcome your fear and you will be fine. Hugs

  5. good to have you back hun'''


  6. Hmmmnnnnnn It is well oh Baby mi! Sheybe i told you to re-deploy that time, but my I I am glad you did not.. There is something the Onyibo man says.. That when something good is coming yeah, it is sometime preceded by some pain and frustration.. Just take it all as a fact that something good is on the way and I am surer than sure that you will be fine insha Allah.. But from now till then Bubba, Please stay safe, stay prayerful, stay hopeful, stay Lovefull, and Dance like no one is watching.. Nuff Said..

    P.S: **Whispers Amaka toh sure, have you noticed I learnt a new slang?! its called nuff said **Shines teeth

  7. Pele dear, you would be fine. God would replace all that you have lost. Thank God you are almost through with NYSC.....

  8. Sounds so scary. I just wanna hold your hand and walk with you...awww..:(

    Were you alone when it happened ? Try to walk with people when you go about, to be on a safe side. Being alone makes it easy for those thieving bastards. Hugs**

  9. I'm glad you're back and okay. Your life is most important. God will replace all that you have lost.

  10. I'm glad you're back and okay. Your life is most important. God will replace all that you have lost.