Saturday, 30 May 2015


Hiya lovelies, it's been a while since we last had our grammar lesson but like I assured y'all,  I'm back for good (at least no more thoughts of closing the blog down since I'm not regular).

Back to today's post,  we'll be continuing in our false cognate lesson.

  1. Bear and bare: Bear is the animal and it also means to carry while bare means naked. 
  2. Bazaar and bizarre: Bazaar is an exhibition, market or fair while bizarre means weird and unworldly. 
  3. Belief and believe: Belief is a noun, believe is a verb.
  4. Beside and besides: Beside means next to while besides is an adverb or preposition that means also,  additionally. 
  5. Better and had better: Had better is the correct form, used when giving advise that hints at an undesirable consequence if not followed. 
  6. Biannual and biennial: Biannual means twice in one year while biennial means every two years. 
  7. Blonde and blond: Blonde describes women while blond describes men. 
  8. Board and bored: Board means (a) a long sheet of wood (b) a committee (c) to get onto while bored means not interested. 
  9. Bore,  boar and boor: A bore is a boring or tiresome person or thing, a boar is a male pig while a boor is an unrefined, vulgar person. 
  10. Born and borne: Born is newly coming into life while borne means carried.  
  11. Borrow, lend and loan: Borrow is to receive something from someone temporarily, lend is a verb that means to temporarily give something to someone while loan is a noun often used in American English as a verb to mean lend. 
  12. Brake and break: Brake means to stop while break means to smash. 
  13. Breath and breathe: Breath is a noun meaning the air pulled into the lungs while breathe with an E on the end is a verb. 
  14. By,  buy and bye: By is the preposition meaning next to, buy means purchase while bye means farewell or goodbye. 
  15. Bridal and bridle: Bridal has to do with a bride and her wedding while a bridle is a restraint. 
And that's it for today,  till next week when I bring more examples,  don't forget to keep refreshing this page. 

P. S I know I've been going on and off like a switch but please I'm starting a #bringbackmyregularcommenters campaign oh. I'm going to smoke them out. 


  1. Yaaay she's back!!! I've milzd you gaan oops sorry grammar class, I've missed you doll.

    1. Hehehe
      Egbon of life, I promise not to go AWOL again *covers face*

  2. Thank you maam!! Hope Grammar 101 is not going to be biannual.....

    Hehehehehe - Like a good student, I am practicing what I learnt in today's lesson...

    1. Welcome calabar girl!
      Hehehe.. On the contrary it won't be biannual!
      I'll make you Lohla's assistant since you've proven to be a bright student.

  3. So u came back quietly? Welldone ooo

    Been looking for the link to your blog all this while cos my phone wiped off. Saw u on Tibs. Anyways, welcome back

    1. I swear I've been looking for your contact too dear.
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