Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hiya lovelies... I really don't know how to start this but I want to thank Duru for talking me out of closing this blog down.  I had gotten to the point where nothing else mattered, I mean I had my fill already and I started the recoiling process... Oh well,  I'm back.

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw this topic? The imaginations, images,  etc that your mind processes albeit involuntarily when you are asleep or the aspirations you have? 
Today I'll be touching the latter. 

I'm sure while growing up,  we all had dreams of who/what we wanted to become.  I always wanted to become a medical doctor; I'll daydream about me in my lab coat making ward rounds but as I became older,  I realised I hated that antiseptic odour of the hospital, I hated blood (I still do), in fact the sight of blood freaks me out,  I can't stand seeing a deep gash.... When I finally knew I didn't want to become a medical doctor again was when I learnt I'll have to do practicals with dead bodies (cadaver), I just told myself it's not lily livered people like me they are looking for there. 

After that,  I started deceiving myself that I wanted to become a pilot (smh), then something else I can't remember. In 2003, I met a guy *side eye at all of you* and after our first conversation, he told me about food science and technology and I wrote it in my diary that I was going to be a food technologist but I didn't discuss it with anybody because of course it was not one of the top choices which included medicine, pharmacy, engineering, law, etc. Three years later, I was out of secondary school and it was time to write UME, I bought the form, filled food science and technology as my first and second choice and put the form on the centre table waiting for my parents to come from work and do the final vetting. 
As anticipated, all hell was let loose! My mum said no way was I going to study FST as I've always wanted to be a doctor and I calmly explained to her (which was hard to do considering the fact that I was very stubborn with my high pitched voice)  that then I didn't know what I wanted but now I know and she stood her ground.  My dad on the other hand was indifferent but told her to let me study whatever I wanted. We went on and on that fateful Tuesday evening, eventually I cancelled it out and filled nursing against my wish. I didn't fail UME but was 9 points shy of the pass mark for the post UME (I filled OAU)  maybe that's why I'm always crushing on Ife boys and eventually I went on to write UME the following year,  however I filled medicine but I was one point shy of the cut off. After 18 months,  my mum let me be and today I am a qualified food technologist *shines teeth*. 
For some of us,  the dream of what we wanted to study was cut short by almighty UME, for others,  they eventually got in but couldn't cope with the rigor, some didn't even bother to try before giving up among other reasons.  
One of my favorite stories is that of Abraham Lincoln, there is much to learn from him; in 1832, he lost his job and was defeated for state legislature,  in 1833, he failed in business,  in 1835, his sweetheart died,  in 1836, he had nervous breakdown,  in 1838, he contested for speaker and lost,  in 1843, he was defeated in his bid to be nominated for Congress,  in 1846, he was elected to Congress but lost renomination in 1848, in 1849, he was rejected for the post of a land officer,  in 1854, he was defeated for Senate,  in 1856,  he was defeated for nomination for vice president,  in 1858,  he was defeated for US Senate but in 1860, he finally made it and he became the president of the US! Dreams come true yeah? If the story of Abraham Lincoln doesn't inspire you, I don't know what else will do really.
I'll end this post with a poem composed by Langston and I want us all to remember that no matter how hopeless your situation seems,  your dreams are still valid. 

Hold on to your dreams 
For if dreams die 
Life is a broken winged bird 
That cannot fly 
Hold fast to your dreams 
For when dreams go 
Life is a barren field 
Frozen with snow 
Your dream dreams about you 
You are your dream come true. 


  1. Dreams truly come true ... Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. lolz....this post takes me down memory lane,

    She remembers the moment. The photographer took her picture. She remembers her anger. The man was a stranger. She had never been photographed before. Until they met again 17 years later, she had not been photographed since. The photographer remembers the moment too. The light was soft. The refugee camp in Pakistan was a sea of tents. Inside the school tent he noticed her first. Sensing her shyness, he approached her last. She told him he could take her picture. Read A life revealed

  3. Hmmmmnnn... Thank GOD oh!!! Biko I di absolutely nada... I just typed on key pad and you made the ghen ghen choice yourself... On the long run Bubba... all I can say is Let your Why keep you keeping on... I mean life as itself is hard.. and then combining real life with an online life is double tough... but I know why I am here... and I sure as hell know that you know too... so Dance like no one is watching Bae...

    You know ba... Dreams are free... You need to see my room door Amaka... every single voice I have heard in the last 11 months( Oya not everyone shaa) but most of them are on there... Have I achieved all my Dreams?! Hell No... will I achieve them all?! I dunno..but I can atleast try... I can at least give my best... and if I fail Like a Abraham Lincoln... If I FAIL... amma get up and try again till I can try no more... Thank you for this piece... It was eye opening and humbling...

    I dedicate the mention toh sharp ju Razor Blade lo to mama as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fire. Cheers...

    Sent from my Bed! :)

  4. I really really really wanted to be a secretary.... Just cz I liked how 'together' my dad's Secretary was back then.

    That dream lived on from my primary school days till Jss 2.

    Then I wanted to be an air hostess.... I can't say why but I did.

    Daddy wanted a lawyer but by then, I knew I wanted to be a journalist of some sort..... And it was helloooooooo mass communication dept, ABU, Zaria.