Saturday, 6 June 2015


Holla holla holla... How was the turning up yesterday? How's the weekend coming up? Well, it's not like I'm having 100% fun but I know I'm not bored..

We'll still continue with our lesson on cognates and if you've taken note,  you'll see I'm taking them alphabetically so we still have a long way to go before the end of this lecture *teacher mode activated*

  1. Canvas and canvass: Canvas is a cloth or fabric while canvass means to conduct a survey or examine thoroughly or to seek votes. 
  2. Censor,  sensor and censure: Censor is to prohibit free expression, a sensor is something that interpretes stimulation while censure is rebuke,  harsh criticism. 
  3. Cite, site and sight: Cite means to quote or mention,  site is a noun meaning a place while sight is a noun meaning views. 
  4. Coarse and course: Coarse is an adjective meaning rough,  big grained, not fine while course is a noun referring to a direction or series of lectures on one subject. 
  5. Collaborate and corroborate: Collaborate means to work together while corroborate means to support with evidence.  
  6. Complement and compliment: Complement means to supplement or make complete while compliment means to praise or congratulate. 
  7. Conform, and confirm: Conform means to be similar to while confirm is to make sure or double check. 
  8. Corps,  core and corpse: Corps (pronounced core) is an organisation of people dedicated to a single goal, a core is the centre of a fruit containing seeds while a corpse is a dead body. 
  9. Council, counsel and consul:  A council is a group of people called together to meet on an issue, counsel is advise while a consul is a diplomat appointed to protect the citizens and commercial interests of one country in another. 
  10. Custom and costume: A custom is a cultural tradition while a costume is the outfit worn to represent a particular time,  event or culture. 
......... And that's it for today my lovey dovies. Any question?