Monday, 8 June 2015


Good afternoon dovies *big grin* how did our weekend go?? I have so many stories from this weekend but that can wait.

Today we'll be talking about greed. The online dictionary defines greed as "intense and selfish desire for something especially wealth, power or food".

Greed, greed! Hmm...Sometimes, I tell myself what motivates most men is fear and if you look at it critically, it is fear or should I say latent insecurity that causes or drives greed??

Take a situation where a rich man is still trying to acquire more wealth when the one he has accumulated can never be exhausted in this life. Yes,  I know the pyramid can never be at par but I don't get it especially in Nigeria where most ogas at the top keep slashing and storing wealth.

Talking about greed for power, o don't get it when old men who most times are expired and have nothing new and refreshing to add to the nation come out to vie for elective positions. It is simply greed that will make a local government chairman to contest for governorship and after spending 8 years there he proceeds to the Senate where he'll most likely be for donkey years till either he dies there or is voted out.

You see,  greed is present in all facet of our lives.. In my lodge, there is this lady whose disease I think falls somewhere between jealousy and greed. If anyone buys anything,  she will go and buy the same type. Really,  you need to enter her room to see the amount of junk she's got and funny enough,  no one is competing with her. Honestly I pray she gets well soon because only sick people act that way. 

Now the funny thing about greed is that the more you acquire stuffs,  you'll be like after rhus I'll stop but that thing called greed has got no chill. It is very dangerous that you'll keep wanting to get more and more and considering that resources are limited, greed is the cause of most of our problems and the unequal distribution of wealth. 

The truth is all of us have that element of greed in us,  yes,  you don't have to accept but it's the truth. Now the bad news is that it cannot be completely eliminated but the good news is that it can be controlled and controlling it does not mean you should not have high hopes, expectations and aspirations but instead you should know how to control them and control your ego most importantly. 


  1. Yh right Amaka, some people's greed level is outta dis world, dats y one person can take what is meant for 10 people, but you have said it all, it rears it head in every of our lives but we have to control it, because it ends up damaging the carrier...

  2. Mami....I often wonder bout this you know...You already got something buh because that thing looks different on another person, you strive to get another version of that thing or even worse, you wanna get what the other person has...I don't understand mami...I really don't..

  3. OLAOYE MAYOWA MICHEAL8 June 2015 at 23:18

    Well said dear.

  4. Ooooosssheee Turn uP! Now this line got me.. and i felt that ghen ghen Eureka feeling.. I mean the line that went like this..

    "Greed is the cause of most of our problems and the unequal distribution of wealth."

    and I was like yyyeeeaaah mehn! But just when I thought my Ghen ghen inspiration bucket was filled for the day.. I read the line that went:

    "Now the bad news is that it cannot be completely eliminated but the good news is that it can be controlled"

    ... and I went Gbam! Gbammer!! Gbammest!!!!! the truth is Baby mi, we all are Humans.. and as humans we are flawed and porous beings, having no sorta perfection.. We all are Jealous, we all are greedy, we all are hatefull.. but it all boils down to how we control these feelings oooorrr let these feelings control us.. mehn as you see this 23 years 5 months and 27 days young and utterly confused man ehhnnn... aYam a firm believer in action over feelings.. So regardless of how I feel yeah, i believe that we should let my action precede always.. So when I feel the urge to be greedy (and dont want to be oh!! ... You see Choice is key).. I withdraw and get busy.. Cause human wants are insatiable... and Greed is like Hell fire.. It is a feeling that once being fed yeah, can never be satisfied.. Cheers Amaka toh sure.. Bubba toh Jasi.... This was ghen ghen inspirational read as usual.. Amaka for president of BloogsvIlle 2019 biko.. always bursting our brains with inspiration... and the crowd goes.. Yyyyyeeeahhh mehn! #CountingDowntoAmaka'sPOP Yyyyyyaaaaayyy... Its in July yeah?!