Tuesday, 30 June 2015


If I say I love you
Would you reciprocate?
If I say I need you
Would you always be there for me?
If I say my heart throbs
Would you believe me?
If I say forever
Would you encourage me? 


  1. A.1: Ofcourse nah.. Sheybe they kuku taught us in Children's church, that we should love our neighbors as our self nah.. **Wears Cheeky smile...

    A.2: Ah! no!! Biko... Am I look like your Husband?! Aha! I cannot be there all the time nah.. EeezzneFer that deep ni.. aYav to pursue Wajilda and other women too nah.. :)

    A.3: Ehmm **Scratches Ori Go go ro hair.. If you say your heart Throbs.. hian!! na to carry go Federal Medical Center be that oh. I dont want noboRRy dying on my maRRa... Aint noboRRy got time for that eh :P.

    A.4... If you said Forever.. I would tell you that we are too young to think about Forever Baby mi.. And i will advice that you live in the moment.. the now.. that you kick off your shoes and Dance like no one is watching... and that you smile for us your readers biko.. Cause you smile is why we are here...

    Ooooosssshhheey Turn uP!.. See me going all Romeo and Juliet on Amaka toh sexy lo... kai! aneFer hexSpeRRed it eh... hehehehehe **Pops Collar.. then **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. kai i like this child ehn...

    P.S: Biko snap plenRRy picSHurs at your PoP and put up for me and Ice eh.. Plus come back with plenRRy plennRRy money eh!! We must to Turn uP Lagos Turn uP.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeeaahh mehn!

    1. Hehehe you won't kill me bubba!
      I'll take tons of pictures, don't worry. I'll do a picture post of my nysc year so watch out

  2. This if's depends on who is asking ooo...cos you cant jurt tell me you love me and i will respond..from where nau...lol


    1. Hiya glowy.. Thanks for stopping by.
      It's just something penned straight from the heart *winks*

  3. Lots of 'IF's' mami....**side eyes** What is going on lah? Who is the 'he' we asking? lol

  4. If I say am broke would you send me money ? Lolz .....nice ryhme dear.

    elitism6.blogspot. com

  5. hmmm...Amaka if na le boo ask this one, na gladly i go say yes