Monday, 1 June 2015

Jealousy (the conclusion)

Erm hiya lovey dovies.. I know Chuka is still protesting my absence and he promised to accept my apology only if/when I become consistent.. There is God oh.

So we touched the emotion of jealousy sometimes ago here and here so today we'll be wrapping it up.

3. Jealousy among siblings.
Jealousy among siblings is somewhat related to siblings rivalry and this is mostly fuelled by parents. When parents begin to compare children, resentment creeps in,  jealousy too.
I remember when I was still waiting for admission into the higher institution and any wrong step I take,  my mum will quickly compare me to my elder brother and how he was admitted immediately after secondary school. Oh the hurt I felt then!!
When parents also place expectations on children and one meets it while the other fails to,  jealousy creeps in and in extreme cases can tear families apart.

For steps on how to handle jealousy click here because it is not an emotion that is desirable. 


  1. **covers face** Hey mami....How have you been? I am sorry I missed all your calls....I was sleeping...I am on some bad ass meds...The way I sleep lately scares me too...hehe...I am hoping you are back mami...and what depression were you talking bout? Mami, you are not allowed to be depressed no more talks on that eh...You are gonna be just fine....

    Whenever we talk bout Jealousy mami, I say this and I will keep saying it.......I don't get it.

    1. My dear there are many things on my mind but that's by the way.
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      Thank God you're getting better... As for the sleeping, it's not only you my dear.

  2. Jealousy rears its heads in ways we cannot imagine..... Thank God for wisdom... *sigh*

    1. Yeah yeah. Thanks for stopping by ma'am