Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Judgmental people

Hiya lovey dovies?? Wetin dey sup?? I'm just there oh,  I'm yet to recover from the stress,  I mean I've been having this head splitting headache that has defied panadol extra so I have to go for something higher. Asides that,  the heat is killing,  it's so bad that I slept outside last night because the fear of meningitis is the beginning of wisdom(I'm still scared to go and get vaccinated oh!).  Ok before I deviate too much,  let's move straight to today's post.

Yes,  you guessed right! Judgmental people. You see,  they are everywhere you find yourself, they are the miss goody two shoes of the pack,  the untainted ones,  the infallible ones. 
The fellow that thinks I'm a nympho because I like to talk about sex,  yes I like to talk about it, don't we all indulge in it? 
The woman down the street that is always looking at you with a sneer when a car drops you off every evening,  you can tell by the look on her face that she's concluded you must be infected with some badass STIs because she assumes you're having sex with these men,  she must think you a bad influence because other girls in the hood will start looking out for the car driving dudes and I can imagine her drawing her daughter's ears while telling her never to be seen with you because you are no good. 

The dudes that called me proud and not fit as a wife material because I was always taking my clothes to the laundry.. No,  darlings I'm not proud neither am I lazy,  I simply hate washing. 

The colleagues that think I'm full of myself because I supposedly speak "big grammar",  they be like "what is negotiate a bend?", babes,  your own is too much,  are you the only one? Ahn Ahn... Honey,  I attended a public school but I decided within me that what is worth doing is worth doing well so I decided to upgrade myself besides,  it's mediocres that hate on people who have a good command of English language. 

The housemates that think I'm a bad girl because I am always behind closed doors with a guy for a long time... Hello??  I'm 24 not 17, besides,  if your mind isn't twisted,  you'll understand that my closing my door means I need my privacy from busybodies like you and it's not evetytime a guy and a girl are behind closed doors they do something sexual. 

You see,  I'm sure y'all share my sentiments and have been victims or even the judgmental people and so I've come to conclude that people tend to be judgmental when they see you living the lives they wish was theirs and since they cannot have it,  they tend to loathe those happily living it. 


PS: Today is penultimate clearance and am I excited?? The answer is yes!!!!! 


  1. Seyon looking fierce. My dear I've suffered my fair share from judgemental people, I remember my neighbour warning her sister not to be friends with me cos according to her, 'she who follows a wayward girl, would ultimately become wayward' said sister is now a baby mama to some hoodrat lol. Who's the wayward one now?

    1. Hehehe thanks ma'am.
      Just negodu!! I don't know the way people reason really. Me too had my fair share in university and now they are the single mothers. Mtschew

  2. Of course I will be judgemental. It is great fun..... Now lets talk - you say you have hour long meetings behind closed doors with members of the opposite sex...... ? LOL!!

    1. Let's talk about that off the blog *winks*