Sunday, 28 June 2015


Good morning lovelies.. Wetin dey sup?? I didn't plan to post today but I'm actually typing this post angrily. Normally, I write, read, reread and edit before I type but this? I'm typing directly.

Yes,  today we'll be talking about stereotype. I talked about common misconceptions sometimes in January and the two are intertwined. How did we arrive here? I was chatting on Facebook last night with a friend and he said I changed the stereotype he had about EGUN people (you might look it up).
A stereotype is a preconceived notion about something which may or may not be true. For instance,  in Nigeria, a particular tribe is infamous for producing house helps so if you bear xyz name, people automatically assume you are a house help. Also,  a particular tribe is popular for prostitution so every lady from that part of the country is considered to have her ultimate goal as going to Italy; sadly,  this is not true.
Growing up, I was taunted because of my tribe,  it didn't really rub off because I was "mixed", my mum being igbo so I was pardoned if I did  anything stupid as my blood wasn't really contaminated with the egun ish and so I took pride in calling myself igbo.... It went on till my final year in secondary school when I stood up and had to prove everybody wrong.  It wasn't easy but I let my results do the talking for me.
What did I face you might wonder?  If anybody was dull,  they were called egun,  if anything stupid was done,  the next thing you'll hear is egun.... That's just a glimpse into the taunting I faced.
I made up my mind to prove the world people wrong so I find it amusing when people say to me "you speak good English, I can't believe you are egun"  and in my mind I'm like uh uh...
Fine our parents/society  might have "brainwashed"  us with stereotypes but then,  it's up to you to find out the truth because that stereotype you joke with kills the self esteem of many people.
My name is SEYON HUNDEYIN and yes,  I'm EGUN. 


  1. Guys expect me to be a cheat because am from akure... Its annoying

  2. **covers face** People expect me to have a big hips and tiny breasts cuz I'm Kenyan....People are crazy!

  3. Because I am Igbo, I am supposed to be money conscious. Lol

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  4. My dear you can't begin to imagine how people think.. Am expected to act in a certain way because am from Edo State. In most occasion i have had people (especially strangers) argue that am not from Edo State. i mean in this era?

  5. I met a guy recently that said i must be a witch for being from edo and delta

  6. Smh.... I've been told "wow, you speak good English for a northerner, I am sure you didn't grow up in the North".