Friday, 5 June 2015


Hiya lovey dovies, how una dey? I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, we've not had constant light for days now and even the one they manage to bring for few minutes didn't come on.

I've been complaining about my health for days now and I dragged myself to the hospital on Tuesday and tell you what it was not funny. After the doctor attended to me, I went to the laboratory to run some test and the attendant told me that they had closed and I should come back on Wednesday. I was shocked like seriously laboratories close by 2pm? Ok oh,  on Wednesday I dragged myself there. After my blood was drawn,  I was told to come back on Thursday, that's where my madness started and I started yelling and making a scene, apparently the lab people knew I'm not from around here because of my tight Jean, braids and fierce make up so they started begging me and told me to come back by noon. The result came and I was given plenty drugs of which aquaclav is one. That drug ehn! I now wake up in the midnight to eat because of it. Anyhoo let's go to today's post.

Simple enough yeah??
And that's it for today, remember to go out and unwind after work after all it's Friday. Bless.


  1. Hope you get well soon..... But really, you should not have made a scene. Maybe it was the hormones reacting huh? Even labs in my town don't give results the same day.

    1. Oh well I just had to make a scene else they wouldn't have done it.
      I've done series of tests and I got the result like 2 hours after jare, these people are simply lazy.

  2. Mami, I am starting to think that we both hate hospitals....Uhhhhhhh....I always have to create some drama....grrr