Thursday, 30 July 2015

True or false??

As for me oh.... Hmmmmmmm... Mr horoscope is very wrong except on the first.
Have a great day lovelies! 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ponder on this.

Sometimes in life, we get to a point where we feel we have arrived. Yes, I've been there. At 17, I thought I had gotten to my final bus stop relationship wise. The person I was seeing had me fantasising all the time. My friends knew him even though they had not met him but many things happened along the way... We broke up. I cried my eyes out, I thought I was going to die.. He cheated on me so I went on a heart breaking spree and the peace or fulfilment I was longing for never came, instead the gap was getting wider.
We tried to get back together, no he tried to convince me two years after,  I wanted to consider but I felt sleeping dogs should lie as different colours of waters had passed under the bridge.
It's been 8 years and all the love, hurt, pain I felt then doesn't matter again.

Once upon a time, I was starry eyed, I had no cares in the world. I never thought of where my next meal or allowance will come from because I knew it must come. I was so young juvenile, stubborn and all of that. Now,  I'm semi-independent, I've been thrust out into the real world where dogs eat dogs, where nothing is constant other than change. I look in the mirror and I no longer see that baby face (well, my face hasn't really changed though) and the realisation that I'm a grown woman has hit me and I'm struggling to keep up with the responsibilities that come with grown ups.
Whatever it is you're going through today, in some years time,  it wouldn't really matter again so make the best of today and live everyday like it's your last.

Good morning lovelies and have a great day! 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Sleep on ID!

I've been in a straight about this issue but I have the moral burden to do so.

The Internet has been agog about the medical student that supposedly committed suicide.

I'm confused, I'm sad, I'm broken. Idoko, I was still with mummy and daddy on Friday morning, we discussed and all. I was hoping to see Joy, only for me to log into Facebook on Saturday and see your obituary. I had to clean my eyes several times to make sure Joy wasn't joking. It's painful the news around town is that you committed suicide, no,  ID didn't kill himself, he died in a fatal accident. Bloggers are not allowing us mourn in peace and it's painful.

Idoko, you had dreams, you were strong, you should have waited. What will mummy and daddy do?  How will they cope?  They say time heals all but time cannot dull this pain we all feel. Time can never heal us! ID you've killed all of us. I'm too sad, how will I console mum and dad? I can't even look them in the face.... I have so much to say but the more I try to say, all I hear is my tearful tone. Sleep on till the resurrection morning.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya lovies and dovies... It's that time of the week again  and we're back to our cognates.

  1. Dairy and diary: A dairy is a farm where milk and milk products are produced while a diary is the daily journal kept. 
  2. Desert and dessert: Desert means to abandon and can be a noun meaning a wasteland while dessert is the sweet course of a meal. 
  3. Device and devise: A device an instrument used to perform a task while to devise is to create or invent. 
  4. Divers and diverse: Divers means several while diverse means different or varied. 
  5. Discreet and discrete: Discreet means modest and prudent while discrete means separate and distinct. 
  6. Disinterested and uninterested: Disinterested is an adjective that means unbiased or impartial while uninterested means not interested. 
  7. Deduction and induction: Deduction is drawing a general principle from particular facts or instances while induction is the explanation of particular facts or instances from a general principle. 
  8. Different from and different than: Different from is the standard usage when comparing two things. Don't say different than something. 
  9. Denote and connote: Denote means to indicate specifically while connotes means to imply or suggest. 
  10. Describe and ascribe: Describe means to show what something is by drawing a picture with words while ascribe means to attribute to. 

Monday, 20 July 2015


Teaching for me comes naturally; I love to teach and much as I love teaching,  it is not an easy task. Why, you may ask? To be an effective teacher,  you need to identify your subjects and handle them differently.
In my years of teaching, I have come across kids that were written off as dullards, block head etc and strange as it may sound,  those are my favourite kids.
I used to think that slow learners probably had just foundational problems till I stumbled on an article on "dyslexia". I'll make this post brief but you can read further on Wikipedia and other sites online.

Dyslexia is basically a reading disorder that manifests in areas such as sounding out words, spelling words,  reading quickly, writing words,  pronouncing words while reading aloud (my roommate during nysc used to exhibit all and I used to be irritated that she couldn't read in her mind, now I know), easily distracted by background noise, etc.
Dyslexia is caused by both genetic and environmental factors but while many children in their formative years might exhibit some of the afore mentioned symptoms,  there should be proper diagnosis before concluding a person is dyslexic and the good news is that dyslexia can be managed by techniques and technical aids that helps manage or conceal symptoms of this disorder so parents, teachers and other stakeholders, before you compare that kid, do your research to avoid grooming a child with resentment and low self esteem among others due to continuous bashing and tongue lashing that they can't meet up. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya hiya?? How has the day been so far? So I'm in one part of Nigeria like this,  you see this place ehn,  each time I'm here,  the forces will withhold network so I won't be able to blog but they didn't succeed in frustrating me today that's why I'm posting a tad late. I'm very sorry.
We'll do the concluding part of our pictorial "how to"  today.

Friday, 17 July 2015

When you change your dp often, does it mean you're immature??

Thank God it's Friday yeah?? Lemme pretend I'm excited today is a public holiday and a Friday at that the way the working class people are excited after all I'm jobless no scratch that, I'm yet to resume. So any turning up today? Well, as the omo get inside I am,  the turning up will be in my head *bats eyelashes*.

So as I opened blogger this morning, I was blank and after a while, this came to my mind.

Yes! That's our own very BMF, my fellow learned member of the bar (since almost half of Hundeyins family are well represented on the bar and bench, I'm a lawyer by ermmm... Hating is allowed).

Ok I've skirted around enough. I was a champion of taking pictures,  I mean when I was in school and I had 8am classes,  by 7am I'll be set so I can use 30 minutes to snap to my satisfaction before I head to school and I was like that till recently. When I lost the snapping mojo, my lodge mates didn't know and when I'm set,  they be like "no picture today?", the first day I said no,  it felt strange but they knew change had come (pun intended) and so after snapping,  I flood my social media pages with them pictures and on bbm? I change dp like mad.

Now, some people are of the opinion that it is immature to do so but I say no. It is my phone,  my data and my strength I'm using,  nobody is forcing you to check the pictures, in fact if you are really intolerant, just delete the offender, yeah it's your phone too. I think there are more serious issues to worry about than the fact that xyz changes dp anyhow.

The truth is the definition of maturity is even relative. What appeals to you as per being mature might not appeal to me so just learn to live and let live.

So do you think updating dp every 5 minutes means one is immature and insecure?? 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hiya lovelies, I'm so grateful for the birthday wishes yesterday. The day didn't start well but it ended in praise and I trust God to perfect what he started yesterday.

Serving in Sokoto opened my eyes to a lot of things like for example while not trying to be tribalistic, people up north have  zero courtesy and I found it very annoying because they also don't have respect. Given the fact that I grew up in the West, I found it incredibly shocking each time a kid called an adult by their first name, in fact the students will call you by your name but I didn't tell them mine anyways so it was just mallama they knew me as. Today's focus will be on polite expressions.

When I was growing up, I was stubborn, sharp mouthed, disobedient, etc,  etc and to crown it up,  I had issues with saying "I'm sorry" and I didn't see it as an issue even though my mum used to point it out. Well,  it took a while before I learnt to bend. Really,  it doesn't cost anything to be polite. Simple things like failing to say sorry has ruined so many things.

1. Please
You use please when asking for something. Trust me,  this word works magic!

2.  Thank you
When someone does something for you or gives you something, you say "thank you". It spurs them to do more!

3. You're welcome

Back in secondary school,  I found this expression funny. It took quite some times for me to realise it's the basic reply to "thank you".

4. My pleasure
It is used to show that you were happy to help someone.

5. Don't mention it
It is an informal reply to "thank you".

6. Pardon me/excuse me
These two words are used if you bump into someone or need to get someone's attention or if you want to ask for information.

7. I'm sorry to bother you
This is more polite than "pardon me"  or "excuse me" and it is used only when you want to ask for information.

8. I'm sorry
This is used when a mistake is made.

9. Bless you
This is said after someone sneezes.

10. Cheers
It is the expression used when making a toast.

11. My condolences
This is used when somebody has suffered a death in the family.

12. May I?
Using "may I"  puts you on the same side as the person you are speaking to.

13. I beg your pardon
When asking someone to repeat what they just said,  "I beg your pardon" is much more polite than "what". 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A new year

On this day some 20 something years ago, greatness was born in human form and she was named Seyon.
Hiya lovelies and dovies, it's that time of the year when I turn +1 and I'm so grateful to God.
Actually I'm usually mega super excited on my birthdays but today for certain reasons, I'm indifferent. It's not like I'm not happy to see today but somethings happened during the week but hopefully I shall bounce back soon like soon.
Looking back to all God has done for me, I can't be an ingrate not to acknowledge his hand upon my life. So many of my mates are not alive, many dropped out of school, but God in his infinite mercies saw me from pre nursery up to university level, I went for NYSC up north and I came back in one piece.
I have so many things that I thought would have been I'm place by now but I'm a daughter of Zion and a work in progress so watch out, I'll come and share my testimony here.
As I turn 2* today, just take few minutes to say a prayer for me that God should complete the good works he has started in my life!

Happy birthday to me!!!  

Monday, 13 July 2015


Good afternoon Nigeria!!!! Good morning and good night to my lovies in other parts of the world... So I didn't plan to blog this beautiful Monday morning oh but I found myself here.

I don't have much to write.. Tomorrow is my birthday anyways and strangely I'm indifferent about it *shrugs*, I'm back home finally even though I might relocate if I get a job outside Lagos and talking about jobs,  I got something today and I'm to resume on the 27th of this month and while I'm thankful to God, I'm looking for something better. Looking at the pay someone might be like why take it but I hate bring idle, I won't fold my hands and be sleeping and waking up while waiting for the ghen ghen job so for now I'm content with the fact that I'll wake up and go out in the morning.

Uh,  I'm installing yarn braids right now and the pains I'm going through *sobbing*...
Finally, I came into Lagos in the early hours of Saturday and while I way billed my luggage through Young shall grow even though I had sworn never to have anything with them considering that they spoilt my box in December, I wasn't ready for the shock that I met. I paid 5,000 initially and before I could get my luggage, I had to pay extra 500 naira and I was mad!!! That was after I was attended to after waiting for over 3 hours for the store keeper to resume oh. Anyway I shall do a full review on them soon.

So gidi, I'm back,  I'm home and I've started accepting birthday gifts oh *rolling my eyes*

Monday, 6 July 2015


Hiya my loveys and my doveys... What's cracking? What's new?  Who did I miss? Who missed me?? I missed all of you,  in fact I miss all of you every other day!

I recently concluded national service and those that are familiar with my life here know how much I used to rant and vent over my roommate and one other cantankerous girl here. Today's post would be woven around them.

I knew my roommate on camp even though we never said hi to each other. The first day I saw here,  she was seriously nagging because she was given over sized kits and I found it funny because all of us got oversized kits anyways so I was angry when I discovered we were in the same school and we were paired together! One thing about me is no matter how bad you are,  I like to give people three chances for the benefit of doubt so it's based on this foundation that I started with her on a clean slate but we all know a leopard can never change it's spots so she started her nagging and all. Initially, I used to ignore but we all know even a rubber band when stretched beyond elastic limit loses elasticity and becomes plastic so it got to a point that I said enough was enough because she seriously annoyed me that weekend so I made up my mind that we don't even need to say hi to each other because even when she says hi,  there must be a fault.
She travelled for the election and truly we were not on talking terms before she left but nonetheless, I called her. She came back eventually and if there's something I don't know how to do,  it's pretend. Since my mind was made up,  I still wasn't giving her face. She did everything to frustrate me but I kept cool until one fateful Wednesday.
I was busy, she now came and said she wanted to put the light off and I'm like I'm using the light,  if I'm done,  I'll put it off only for me to see her the next morning carrying a seat inside but I was half awake so I didn't bother. I really had a long day the following day so I got back in and turned the light on,  only for me to discover the light refused to come on so I thought the bulb was bad only for me to move closer and see she destroyed the lampholder. Chei I was mad, I now asked her what happened to the light, she now said I was disturbing her with the light so she destroyed the light. Kai I was mad,  I was mad at her foolishness, I was just mad because this is the light that you'll use too,  anyway I said I was going to report to the principal because what she did was vandalism.
Anyway the truth is I'm vindictive so I insulted the living daylight out of her,  in fact I was willing to beat her up but sha I calmed down.. Nobody supported her actually because this is the person that I've gone the extra mile for, sometimes I put off the fan even when it's hot because I want her comfort only for her to act irrationality.
Anyway, the long and short is I apologised.

The fact and the truth is we ain't perfect. In as much as I complain about her,  some other persons find me annoying and all too.. I'm not a religious person but I love God and I go to church every other week, I listen to preaching and I pray to God so last week when we had our house party, I publicly apologised to her and the next morning, I apologised one on one. I told myself there was no point keeping grudges and we'll see I'm future and not say hello to each other and stuffs. 
Life is too short to carry grudges. In the course of the day, many people will step on our toes and the next thing is to explode and keep malice but really, it'll leave you bitter and not better so my lovelies, take that bold step today and forgive no matter how hard it seems. 

PS I'll be MIA for some days. I write my posts before I type and I mistakingly packed my manuscripts and from today, I'll be up and down as I'm relocating finally back to Lagos from Sokoto. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Grammar 101

Wetin dey sup? Hello dearies.. How is our weekend coming up?? I'm doing my final packing though even though the thought of going home isn't "shacking"  me due to the Lagos traffic.

It's another time of the week when we take our grammar lesson, we would conclude this session next week and in two weeks time,  we'll resume our lessons on cognates.

Friday, 3 July 2015

NYSC diary (the conclusion)

Hiya lovelies, hiya dovies... What's cracking?? I'm actually having this head splitting headache but this post must be posted(blame the headache for that line).

The holy book says there is time for everything under the sun and this has been verified over and again by time and chance.

Upon graduation, all graduates of Nigerian origin either local or foreign trained are expected to be deployed for national service except you do not intend to work for someone or vie for any political post because the certificate of national service is like a key to some Kingdom here so it is based on this existing protocol that I was deployed to Sokoto for my youth service.

Wammako where it started 

I've talked about the pre posting and post posting drama last year when I began writing this nysc diary so I won't skirt around that.  

It's not been easy because I had to unlearn some things and endure others (I'll talk about them subsequently) but I'm glad to tell y'all that as I'm typing this,  the journey that began in august 2014 has come to an end successfully. Many times I fell Ill, twice I was robbed, once I fell into the gutter and almost broke my left leg (my knee still hurts), once I was admitted, once I fought *side eye* but I'm proud to say I came, I saw and I conquered. 

Enjoy pictures from my church's send forth, cds send forth, lodge send forth and passing out parade.