Monday, 20 July 2015


Teaching for me comes naturally; I love to teach and much as I love teaching,  it is not an easy task. Why, you may ask? To be an effective teacher,  you need to identify your subjects and handle them differently.
In my years of teaching, I have come across kids that were written off as dullards, block head etc and strange as it may sound,  those are my favourite kids.
I used to think that slow learners probably had just foundational problems till I stumbled on an article on "dyslexia". I'll make this post brief but you can read further on Wikipedia and other sites online.

Dyslexia is basically a reading disorder that manifests in areas such as sounding out words, spelling words,  reading quickly, writing words,  pronouncing words while reading aloud (my roommate during nysc used to exhibit all and I used to be irritated that she couldn't read in her mind, now I know), easily distracted by background noise, etc.
Dyslexia is caused by both genetic and environmental factors but while many children in their formative years might exhibit some of the afore mentioned symptoms,  there should be proper diagnosis before concluding a person is dyslexic and the good news is that dyslexia can be managed by techniques and technical aids that helps manage or conceal symptoms of this disorder so parents, teachers and other stakeholders, before you compare that kid, do your research to avoid grooming a child with resentment and low self esteem among others due to continuous bashing and tongue lashing that they can't meet up. 


  1. Wow...never knew there was something like dyslexia. Thanks for sharing
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  2. Wow, thanks for this info. No limit in learning.

    1. Yes oh, we learn everyday... If we're open to learning that is. Howdy?

  3. Dyslexia!!! Need to research more on this but this is a very educative piece thanks for taking time to put this up.

  4. Funny thing is dyslexics are really intelligent people. Knowledge is really power.

  5. Good post. thanks for sharing.

  6. I hear Dyslexics are intelligent and artistic.
    God bless you for giving those ones special attention.

  7. I also heard Dyslexics are always very intelligent....Buh mehnnnnn mami, you are an awesome teacher... muah!

  8. Very educative post..... Noted! Thanks for this.

  9. I think you should do another post on how to correct it or something some adults too are dyslexic.