Saturday, 25 July 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya lovies and dovies... It's that time of the week again  and we're back to our cognates.

  1. Dairy and diary: A dairy is a farm where milk and milk products are produced while a diary is the daily journal kept. 
  2. Desert and dessert: Desert means to abandon and can be a noun meaning a wasteland while dessert is the sweet course of a meal. 
  3. Device and devise: A device an instrument used to perform a task while to devise is to create or invent. 
  4. Divers and diverse: Divers means several while diverse means different or varied. 
  5. Discreet and discrete: Discreet means modest and prudent while discrete means separate and distinct. 
  6. Disinterested and uninterested: Disinterested is an adjective that means unbiased or impartial while uninterested means not interested. 
  7. Deduction and induction: Deduction is drawing a general principle from particular facts or instances while induction is the explanation of particular facts or instances from a general principle. 
  8. Different from and different than: Different from is the standard usage when comparing two things. Don't say different than something. 
  9. Denote and connote: Denote means to indicate specifically while connotes means to imply or suggest. 
  10. Describe and ascribe: Describe means to show what something is by drawing a picture with words while ascribe means to attribute to. 


  1. Girl..... Thanks for posting this, i do get confused sometimes. Grammar no easy o. Lol!

  2. I just found about disinterested and uninterested today... English is so difficult.

  3. Thanks 4 this post.

  4. Disinterested! Hmmmmn English no be my mother tongue. understanding Lo ' matter. I learnt new words today. Thanks to Amaka

  5. very nice post..we keep learning everyday..

  6. This post is a very educative one. That disinterested word am learning how to use it.

    1. I'm glad you are. That's the objective of this lesson.