Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hiya lovelies, I'm so grateful for the birthday wishes yesterday. The day didn't start well but it ended in praise and I trust God to perfect what he started yesterday.

Serving in Sokoto opened my eyes to a lot of things like for example while not trying to be tribalistic, people up north have  zero courtesy and I found it very annoying because they also don't have respect. Given the fact that I grew up in the West, I found it incredibly shocking each time a kid called an adult by their first name, in fact the students will call you by your name but I didn't tell them mine anyways so it was just mallama they knew me as. Today's focus will be on polite expressions.

When I was growing up, I was stubborn, sharp mouthed, disobedient, etc,  etc and to crown it up,  I had issues with saying "I'm sorry" and I didn't see it as an issue even though my mum used to point it out. Well,  it took a while before I learnt to bend. Really,  it doesn't cost anything to be polite. Simple things like failing to say sorry has ruined so many things.

1. Please
You use please when asking for something. Trust me,  this word works magic!

2.  Thank you
When someone does something for you or gives you something, you say "thank you". It spurs them to do more!

3. You're welcome

Back in secondary school,  I found this expression funny. It took quite some times for me to realise it's the basic reply to "thank you".

4. My pleasure
It is used to show that you were happy to help someone.

5. Don't mention it
It is an informal reply to "thank you".

6. Pardon me/excuse me
These two words are used if you bump into someone or need to get someone's attention or if you want to ask for information.

7. I'm sorry to bother you
This is more polite than "pardon me"  or "excuse me" and it is used only when you want to ask for information.

8. I'm sorry
This is used when a mistake is made.

9. Bless you
This is said after someone sneezes.

10. Cheers
It is the expression used when making a toast.

11. My condolences
This is used when somebody has suffered a death in the family.

12. May I?
Using "may I"  puts you on the same side as the person you are speaking to.

13. I beg your pardon
When asking someone to repeat what they just said,  "I beg your pardon" is much more polite than "what". 


  1. Happy birthday in arrears baby. Gods ultimate blessings.....
    As for this post, Nice one dearie

  2. I don't have issues with anyone calling me by my first name tho. But I like d whole polite expression thingy. It prevents unwanted issues.


    1. I don't too but it's a no for your students to call you by your first name trust me.

  3. Thanks for sharing this tips.

  4. First of all i'm so sorry. Like seriously, didn't know yesterday was ur birthday *face covered". Imagine you and I are even on bbm and i just didn't know. The thing is my mind has been so divided eh. Been off blogsphere,not so active on bbm and everything. SO SO sorry boo
    New post on my blog and i'm sure you need to read it to understand what's been happening lately.

    On today's topic.....I'm not trying to flaunt o hehehe but seems i'm good with all these words. People say i say thank you too much sef. The only thing i found really hard to say while growing up is i'm sorry although i dey try now. One of the reasons i hate been the bad.

  5. Ok, its the late comers committe, lol bringing you the birthday wishes. Happy bountiful birthday to you on your special day. I hope you had fun and enjoyed yourself, there's nothing much more than been happy.
    Oya to the post, i never accepted that sorry thingy when i was a kid. My parents would always tell me 'you didn't tell him/her/them sorry', and i will be like 'for what' in my mind as i can be a trouble maker. Well i thank God for growth that i can use those expressions without blinking. It nice reading it from you again.

    1. Better late than never dear. Thanks

  6. It's good to be polite tho. Thanks for explaining further.
    You know we in the west are respectful, you can't compare it to the other tribe

  7. uhmmmm... me way be madam sarcasm#heheheh#

  8. I'm glad it all ended in praise - happy birthday once again. It pays to be polite but some people are impolite because they don't know any better (depends on upbringing and location). How are you nne?

    1. I'm fine Obim. How's the wedding prep coming up?

  9. Came right on time. Thank you. Oya send my reply

  10. Really helpful advice indeed, nice of you to share. Greetings!

  11. Nice post!