Saturday, 1 August 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya hiya!! Whataguan?? It's a beautiful day here and I'm excited... It's a new day, new month and a weekend so I get to rest a lot. Any plans for today? Any owambe?? Remember to send my own portion of the party rice oh.

So it's another Saturday and as usual, we'll be pressing on in our grammar lessons on cognates. Enjoy.

  1. Eg and ie: eg is a Latin abbreviation meaning for example while ie is a Latin abbreviation meaning that is to say. 
  2. Each other and one another: each other is used when only two objects are involved while one another is used in referring to more than two objects. 
  3. Each and every: both are singular distributive pronouns but each refer to a single individual in a group while every refers to all the members of a group inclusively. 
  4. Emigrant and immigrant: an emigrant is a person who leaves his native country to settle in another while an immigrant refers to a person who moves to a new country. 
  5. Eminent and imminent: eminent means if high rank, outstanding or prestigious while imminent means close to happening or near. 
  6. Everyone and every one: everyone means each person while every one refers to each thing or person individually. 
  7. Explicit and implicit: Explicit means clear and direct while implicit means indirectly with some parts understood. 
  8. Ethereal and ephemeral: Ethereal describes something that is light and intangible while ephemeral refers to anything lasting for a short period. 
  9. Entomology and etymology: Entomology is the study of insects while etymology is the study of history of words and where they come from. 
  10. Enervate and innervate: enervate is to weaken or destroy the vitality of while innervate means to supply with nerves or vitality. 
...... And  that's it for this beautiful Saturday morning. Remember to spread the word, tell your friends about this blog. X


  1. Thanks Amaka...just learnt sth new
    Nma's Blog 

  2. that is emigrant and immigrant are are relative abi?


  3. That means I've been using "everyone and every one" wrongly. Now I know the difference between the two. Thanks for educating us

  4. I have murdered English language oooo Chai.

  5. I still sabi English small.
    P.s, why not give a further explanation by putting it in a sentence. .you get?

    1. Yeah. I'm just kinda lazy jare but I'll start from our next lesson.

  6. These ones are hard ooo. All in one class? I was enjoying it till I got to imminent and emminent and the rest. I have munched it so I can go thru again before I mixed them all up!!!!

    Thanks barbie

    1. Lool. I'm learning too jare.
      Where have you been??

  7. Do I still use the word busy? Had interviews to attend to so I needed to prepare well, we had SON audits at work too and your dept mustn't fail so I was up and doing, reports too were on the road. Always tired when I get home. D best I do is bbm chat. Thanks dear

  8. Didn't know about 2 - thanks ever so much our resident English teacher. I look forward to more lessons