Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How fly are you??

Sometimes last year,  I did a post on Internet slangs, but the truth is that slangs evolve, new ones are flying around everyday.

At some point,  everywhere I turn to on the Internet, I see something like "you've got no chill" and I'm like hian!! So today, we'll be looking at an updated list.

1. Bae
Pharrell made use of this word in his song "some get it bae" and since then,  it stuck.
I know "babe"  is an endearing term and I need you to imagine how shocked I was when I started seeing "bae", as someone who is anti abbreviation, I used to take extreme exception to being called bae but sometimes you just have to join the crew and boo is bae #okbye.

2. Thot
You see,  when I say I am anti abbreviation, sheybi I'll say Thot is the short form of thought?? Or rather used to be?? Now it means "that ho over there".

3. Shade
Yes,  I used to see this throwing of shade term on instagram a lot too and now I know it means "to insult subtly".

4. Swerve
When you say "swerve", it means a whole lot of things,  but most often, it is used to tell someone to go away.

5. Slay
It is more of a fashion term but generally, when you are said to slay something, it means you are at the top of your game.

6. Fleek.
Aha!!  This became popular when some lady uploaded a video on YouTube and said "my eyebrows are on fleek" and bam! 
When something is on fleek,  it looks oh so perfect. 

7. TBT 

I first saw this on instagram also and was like oho!
Basically, every Thursday, instagram and other social media users upload pictures from way back. TBT means "throw back Thursday".

8. AF
I started paying more attention to this when everybody on my bbm was using it.  It means "as fcvk". 

9. No chill. 
Chill pill I know, chill out I know but no chill?? 
Anyway someone is said to have no chill when they go absolutely all out on something or someone.


  1. So many new slang words we keep learning


  2. Just for the record all slang used worldwide comes from New York city specifically Brooklyn!! Ir is so funny to see others use slang we have been using forever. Some lady at my job trying to b down was like my hair is on fleet today. I was like u jus said fleet like in a fleet of ships hahahaha

    1. Hahaha you're mean.
      You'd have corrected her though

  3. Slangs, new ones get born every day. Old ones get forgotten.

  4. slangs evolving .
    i like that fleek,and slay*smiles*

    1. Yes oh
      Your outfit on your birthday was on fleek!!

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  6. Change is the only constant thing. I love the new slangs but don't know how to use them. Lolz


  7. I like slangs and enjoy them when I see people using them, but Alabekee don't know how to use them well

  8. Love slings so much

  9. @AMaka... Ello Bae! I saw a Thot silently throwing Shades at her Toaster.. And she was Like "Brover Swerve.. I slay too much for you and I am always on Fleek... Take my Instagram Handle and check my TBT picShurs.. I am not Your Class. I am fly AF.. And if you Don't lemme this moment.. I will slap you.. Cause I have gat no Chill"