Friday, 7 August 2015

Transactional relationship.

Holla lovies and dovies... How has our week been so far? Well, mine has been one kind but we must give thanks.

All of us are in some form of relationship because we are social animals but today, we're in a relationship can mean 1001 and one things one of them being transactional relationship.

A transaction involves something being exchanged for something.
It's common to see people these days trading all sort of services for either money or something else. For example some people will say no sex until you buy me that range  or for others,  the amount they get is commensurate to their sexual performance... Oh well,  while we might thing sex is the perfect example here,  I'll like to say all of us one way or the other are guilty. If my parents give me cash and all,  I do the house chores gladly but if I know there's no motivation, I'll be foot dragging. Who else is guilty of this?
Even in the blogging world and social media, you'll see comment for comment, like for like,  follow for follow... Is that not some form of transaction too??


  1. hehehehe trust me i love this post. It's now a give and take thing everywhere even on's some kind of transaction. lol

  2. Interesting thoughts indeed. Greetings!

  3. Thatz how the world revolves. Give and take!!!

  4. eken na.. before nko??? its the law of give and recieve... its the hand that is open that can recieve


  5. Before nko. Do me I do you, God no go vex. Atleast bloggers should appreciate those who take out time to visit their blogs.not be forming busy. Me sef I over busy