Monday, 28 September 2015

Train up a child.

Choi!! Let me not even start typing my usual "I'm sorry"... I've been under intense pressure, like I can't believe I've not broken down self, anyhow, sha forgive me. I can't combine working and blogging for now ehn. 

So what have we been up to? I've missed the blogsphere like seriously oh. Lemme drop this today that I'm not dead tired. 

Growing up, we had a chart with the same wordings as that wallpaper hung on our sitting room. I was a particularly stubborn and juvenile kid, and I'm sure I've received close to 5,000 strokes of cane in my life (not kidding) even though my mum stopped flogging me when I was in JSS3 but I still received strokes in school. 

I decided to blog about this because of the way children are trained these days in school. Now, I'm not supporting flogging like that, in fact this post is not about flogging but all the units that makes up child training. 

These days, you see kids with sophisticated phones and just when you're wondering, they tell you their parents bought it because they did well in school. Really?? I'm not saying don't compensate your child, in fact to me,  sending you to school is something and you have no choice than to do well, so if I don't get you anything, oh well,but buying high tech gadgets for these kids to me is not training them well, if anything, it is causing more harm than good. 

Now, I see some parents bargaining with their children and I'm like jeez and I hear you have to pet them. Why will I beg you and promise to buy you what you like before you can read your book or do a chore? No,  I can never bargain foolishly with my child abeg! 

Yes, flogging. Now I said I was trashed but did it help? No! Instead I was hardened. Why? Most of the flogging I got were unexplained flogging. I'll definitely use cane on my kids but trust me, I'll tell them why I'm flogging before and after and I'm not talking about flogging with wire or belt oh, no. Flogging with pankere on the palm. 
The way some parents throw the next available object ehn  they should be repping Nigeria in discus. I can't even slap because I'm sure my palm will draw the map of Oshodi on your face so I use cane for my erring younger ones. 

There is no strict rule on child training because some might fear and respect the cane and sit up while others might get used to it and start chesting it, but one thing I know works is correcting in love and knowing where to draw the line. Sometimes, psychological punishment is worse than the physical one self. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya hiya *waving* how's the weekend coming up?? Any wedding?? Party etc?? While grooving remember the weekend flies so fast so make sure to rest too oh .

1. Immemorial, immortal and immoral. 
Immemorial refers to that which is beyond time, ancient. Eg These stones have been here since time immemorial. 

Immortal describes things that lives forever. Eg God is immortal. 

Immoral means not nice, unethical, bad. Eg stealing is immoral. 

2. In regards to and as regards. 
Both of these means referring to but use one at a time. 

3. Inchoate and incoherent. 
Inchoate describes something in an early stage of development and that is incomplete. When Her plans remained Inchoate and was developed no further. 

Incoherent describes something that is lacking connection or order. 

4. It's and its. 
Its is the possessive form of it. Eg The dog licked its foot. 

It's is the short form of it is. Eg Well, it's a draw. 

5. Intolerable and intolerant. 
Intolerable refers to something unbearable. Eg The heat in July was Intolerable. 

Intolerant refers to a person who is unable to accept differences in opinion, habit or belief. Eg I am intolerant of nail bitters. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

What if she is a retired runs girl?

Yesterday I was in the kitchen frying plantain and it was taking too long so I decided to dash to the sitting room to watch a yoruba movie and the scene I met was that of a guy proposing to a lady, well let me not bore you with the long story but the summary is that the lady the guy had intentions of marrying is a retired olosho (whore aka runs girl).
So I said I was going to ask my lovely readers, guys, what if you discover the girl you fell head over heels in love with is a former prostitute? Will you call the relationship off without considering the time and maybe money involved in the relationship? What if you have proposed to her? Will you collect your ring back?
Girls, what if the babe your brother has brought home to mama falls in this category? How will you handle it?
I'll go first. If I discover the girl my brother is in love with or has proposed to is in this category, I'll honestly stay out of it. You know what they say that three is a crowd? Except I catch her in the act, I'd turn a deaf ear to the information at my disposal afterall most of us have dark secrets or pasts we don't want the public to know and besides love covereth a multitude of sins yeah?
Let's talk

First blogged on the 23rd of June 2014.  *runs back to work*

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How long?

I'm sad, very sad. What's with the growing number of parents especially fathers sexually abusing their daughters? Why would you bring a girl into this world and have the guts to climb her?
Every day I pick up the newspaper, I see this same story. The other day it was a 41 year old man that was defiling his 10 year old girl! Jeez!! Then he'll give her 10naira after! My father, my father!!!
Yesterday it was a 14 year old whose father said he wanted them to be dating and took her virginity while raping her every night. Why did she not cry out yeah? She did but her family hushed her up! The 10 year old has become addicted to masturbation! Another nympho in the making!
I can't even keep calm, I'm sad, I  can't coordinate my thoughts now.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Grammar 101

Holla, holla, holla!! Good morning, afternoon or night my esteemed blog readers depending on your part of the world.. I'm so excited today ehn! The fact that I won't have to go to work is what is exciting me oh.. Plus my elder brother, our very Barrister at law is a year older today.

It's been amazing, I remember all the pranks we.. Or I used to play and you'll get the beating from mum because you were quiet and even when I offend, you'd rather collect the strokes on my behalf... I remember how you'll use your lesson money to go and play PS in game house and me with my loud mouth will do den den den, den den, I'll report to mummy, I remember the first day you laid your hands on me, the scar is still on my left hand. Then we grew and you became a lawyer and I remember the pride I felt on your call to bar because the stone that the builders rejected became the head of the corner! I'm so proud of you bro and on this day, I wish you nothing but the very best!!

Now back to our lesson *shines teeth*
1. Hail and hale
Hail means to greet or to come from or a ball of ice  eg All hail the Queen, I hail from Badagry, Hail damaged the roof. 

Hale means sound or healthy eg I am hale and hearthy. 

2. Here and hear 
Here refers to the place where you are eg You should come here more often. 
Hear is to listen with the ears eg Can you hear me? 

3. Hole and whole 
A hole is a gap or space 
Whole means complete. 

4. Hoard and horde 
Hoard means to collect and keep for oneself eg Stop hoarding petrol. 
A horde is a large group eg Hordes of people go shopping on Monday. 

5. Herd and heard. 
A Herd is a group of animals eg A Herd of cattle. 
Heard is the past tense of hear. 

Friday, 11 September 2015


Hello, how are you *bats eyelashes *today I'd like for us to talk about a new word that has been added to our lexicon "sexting"  *in my Teacher Patience's voice*

Sexting is gotten from two words,  sex and texting and am sure we understand these terms *shines teeth* for my old school peeps,  it is the equivalent of phone sex but that involves sound ie calling on the phone but this is audio visual *ghenghen*
So what is Sexting?  It is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or images between cell phones.
I hate Sexting for reasons I can't explain.  I mean if a guy starts to steer the convo towards "baby can I see your nude"  that day I'll show the wild part of me.
You see,  I can NEVER in block letters send my nude to ANYBODY. Sending of nude has wrecked a lot of relationship, careers,  homes,  etc and like they say,  prevention is better than cure.  I'd rather Skype nude with my partner than send nude *okbye*.
They say sending nudes and Sexting increases intimacy but mbanu, ezigbo mmadu adiro fecha (there's no good person no more), that nude can "mistakingly" leak or the receiver can decide to use your nude to blackmail you or distribute your nude.
Enough of me,  what's your view?

This was first blogged about on the 29th of July, 2014. Work has been tasking hence my not updating regularly... 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Red is bae!!

Holla!!! I'm super excited today oh... Dunno maybe it's because I took coke at work and I'm having sugar high  (abi does sugar high and sugar low exist in my head?)....
Anyway, last week, I took the much needed break and I visited Nnewi and Warri and I had the time of my life!!! I mean, I got pampered like cray! In Lagos, nobody dey look my face oh, but when I went to see my maternal folks down in the East,choi!  The oha soup with banga Base, the pounded fufu (fitfam has kukuma expelled me since), and other delicacies I ate was amazeballs... You know I last visited in 2006 and going back after almost 9 years felt strange because this is the first time I'll go to the east without my mum and what's more?? I'm gradually overcoming my fear of water, I mean me that used to scream when we are on Niger bridge was boldly staring into river Niger *shines teeth*
So I went to warri and my make up artiste friend gave me two red lipstick, one wet and one dry and I'm loving both!! I'm not much of a make up person but mhen, Zaron heat lipstick is bae!!! I love the way it's well pigmented and it lasts long and the texture?? Oh so creamy!! Anyway most of my make up items are zaron sha.
Enjoy these eyecandies *winks*

Pardon the picture quality, I used my front camera but ladies, if you don't have it,  buy it now and guys,  what are  you waiting for?? Get it for your mum, sister, boo, side chick etc now 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Should a lady be close friends with her partner's friend and vice versa?

I was seeing a movie when I got the urge to blog about this.
Here is the summary of the story:  A guy and a lady were dating but due to circumstances, the young man was yet to get a job several years after graduation, the lady had a job though but she stuck with him. Then the guy's friend came back from overseas and since he couldn't cook, his friend's girl will cook and take over. From there, they started cultivating friendship or whatever to the extent she told him he  could always talk to her. Stop.
*swallows spit*
You see ehn,  sometimes, I'm so calm to the point of being labelled 'non challant' or lackadaisical according to my mum. I mean, while others are scheming to snoop and check their partner's phones and know who the side chick is,  I'd rather bother my head with how to compose the next message I'll send to him but while I don't bother my pretty head over somethings, I'd not take it likely if my man is a very good friend of/to my best friend, ah, I can't take it.
I mean,  why would they spend time together talking about issues when he's supposed to be my best friend or even talk to his own best friend?? Now, I'm not saying don't be friends with my own friends but spending time, hanging out and co is not allowed, call me paranoid, I gree.
I'm an advocate for being friends before being partners because really, when the chips are down,  I love you won't suffice and for the Thomases that think you can't be best friends with your partner, trust me, it's real!
So after a while, this lady started being jealous if the dude hangs out with another girl oh, now, what do we call that?? You see ehn, sometimes, nobody sets out to stray but the way we behave invariably amounts to shooting ourselves in the leg... I'm sure you can guess what the end result was.
Now, what's your take on your partner being good friends with your best friend??

PS 1. While I said I won't monetize the blog,  I got an offer last month, but on the condition I make my blog less personal. I said I'll think about it and I'm done thinking.
This blog was supposed to be a political blog but after the first post, my elder brother sat me down and asked me if I really wanted to tow that path, I thought deeply and changed the course and I won't change it again. I blog as the spirit leads and if that will lead to my not getting adverts, fine. I have a 7-4 job that though it's not the ghen ghen one I spent 5 years in school for,  I'm okay so thanks.
2. When I said I was depressed, I'm sure many of you thought about men issues or something,  well, in a way, yes it is that and I've been thinking if I should hold on about the post till I get the break but now I'm convinced I want to blog abut it now,  I'll follow my spirit and blog about it the day it enters my head, but no,  I'm not heartbroken. Lol
3. It's three months I started one venture and I've been holding every 7th dear to my heart. I shall spill I'm due course, just keep your fingers crossed *winking at Gloria*.
4. My blog will be a year older soon and I'm not rich like rich to do what I really want to do to appreciate you, you and you but erm, as I'm typing this,  what came to my mind is taking one person to the movies *thinking*  I might change my mind tomorrow oh...... Oya let me stop now. Mwah!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

True or??

Hiya lovies and dovies... How's our Sunday coming up??
I found this on BMF's and I loved it. What do you think?

I am A and everything up there is sooooo true about me;I remember my BFF telling me to just become a counsellor already.. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya hiya!! Whataguan?? I'm so grateful for the kind words y'all dropped on my last post; I've actually moved on since,  but there's something about the way I write when it's coming from my heart though... No, I'm not closing the blog down but I might not be regular because of my job but I'll try though.

I never believed dreams come true but mine did, I mean I had the best first day of the month ever since I was born. Anyway the story will come in batches when it's time.... As usual, it's time for our Saturday lessons.

1. Gibe, gybe and jibe. 
Gibe means to taunt, jeer, make fun of.  Ex: His class mates gibes him. 
Gybe means to swing a fore and aft sail from one side of a sailboat to the other side to change course. 
Ex: When the wind shifted, Felix gybed when he should have tacked. 
Jibe refers to being in agreement. 
Ex: Our views of life seems to jibe. 

2. Gorilla and guerrilla. 
A Gorilla is a large ape. 
Ex: Gorillas live in Africa. 
A guerrilla is a member of irregular military that uses surprise attack on it's enemies. 
Ex: Guerrilla warfare uses technologies such as espionage, sabotage and ambush. 

Happy September guys!