Saturday, 12 September 2015

Grammar 101

Holla, holla, holla!! Good morning, afternoon or night my esteemed blog readers depending on your part of the world.. I'm so excited today ehn! The fact that I won't have to go to work is what is exciting me oh.. Plus my elder brother, our very Barrister at law is a year older today.

It's been amazing, I remember all the pranks we.. Or I used to play and you'll get the beating from mum because you were quiet and even when I offend, you'd rather collect the strokes on my behalf... I remember how you'll use your lesson money to go and play PS in game house and me with my loud mouth will do den den den, den den, I'll report to mummy, I remember the first day you laid your hands on me, the scar is still on my left hand. Then we grew and you became a lawyer and I remember the pride I felt on your call to bar because the stone that the builders rejected became the head of the corner! I'm so proud of you bro and on this day, I wish you nothing but the very best!!

Now back to our lesson *shines teeth*
1. Hail and hale
Hail means to greet or to come from or a ball of ice  eg All hail the Queen, I hail from Badagry, Hail damaged the roof. 

Hale means sound or healthy eg I am hale and hearthy. 

2. Here and hear 
Here refers to the place where you are eg You should come here more often. 
Hear is to listen with the ears eg Can you hear me? 

3. Hole and whole 
A hole is a gap or space 
Whole means complete. 

4. Hoard and horde 
Hoard means to collect and keep for oneself eg Stop hoarding petrol. 
A horde is a large group eg Hordes of people go shopping on Monday. 

5. Herd and heard. 
A Herd is a group of animals eg A Herd of cattle. 
Heard is the past tense of hear. 


  1. Happy birthday to him. You sef come dey famz as lawyer you come wear black and white. Hehehehe

    I came to class on time today oooo. Thanks for the lesson!!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Lmao! It was coincidental oh, we went for an event but left home at different times just to see we wore the same colour. Lol

  2. Happy birthday to your brother wish him beautiful years of celebrations ahead..
    Good lessons and i passed all.. #Clapsformyself

  3. We should celebrate our own, and you have just done that in this great eulogy of your brother... I am sure he is proud of you. Happy birthday to him.

    Yaaayyy! I have beefed up my vocabulary store... Thanks.

  4. Congrats Bro!

    Grammar 101 is necessary biko.
    It's sad some graduates don't know the difference between there, their and they. Another annoying one is, am and i'm. I'm not perfect in English but these are avoidable errors.

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    1. I'm just tired my dear. The other day, I voiced it out on fb!

  5. Happy belated birthday to my learned colleague .today's grammar class is easy