Saturday, 19 September 2015

Grammar 101

Hiya hiya *waving* how's the weekend coming up?? Any wedding?? Party etc?? While grooving remember the weekend flies so fast so make sure to rest too oh .

1. Immemorial, immortal and immoral. 
Immemorial refers to that which is beyond time, ancient. Eg These stones have been here since time immemorial. 

Immortal describes things that lives forever. Eg God is immortal. 

Immoral means not nice, unethical, bad. Eg stealing is immoral. 

2. In regards to and as regards. 
Both of these means referring to but use one at a time. 

3. Inchoate and incoherent. 
Inchoate describes something in an early stage of development and that is incomplete. When Her plans remained Inchoate and was developed no further. 

Incoherent describes something that is lacking connection or order. 

4. It's and its. 
Its is the possessive form of it. Eg The dog licked its foot. 

It's is the short form of it is. Eg Well, it's a draw. 

5. Intolerable and intolerant. 
Intolerable refers to something unbearable. Eg The heat in July was Intolerable. 

Intolerant refers to a person who is unable to accept differences in opinion, habit or belief. Eg I am intolerant of nail bitters. 


  1. Inchoate wow never bothered to find out until today. Thanks for the lecture

  2. "Inchoate" Please, how do I pronounce it?

  3. I'm liking this segment so much. Imagine some people would say "is" instead of "it's "....mtchewww.

    It's free advert weekend, hurry!!!!.

  4. New words added to my dictionary.
    Thanks for teaching

  5. Oosheeeeyyy! PHD SomeboRRy.. Thanks for the kind clarificaSHion eh Bubba.. Beccccaaauuusseeee. Lemme not come and goan lie biko.. That It's and Its something ehhnn... e haf do me shege shege.. **Wears Sad smile..

  6. Where are you hiding?