Friday, 11 September 2015


Hello, how are you *bats eyelashes *today I'd like for us to talk about a new word that has been added to our lexicon "sexting"  *in my Teacher Patience's voice*

Sexting is gotten from two words,  sex and texting and am sure we understand these terms *shines teeth* for my old school peeps,  it is the equivalent of phone sex but that involves sound ie calling on the phone but this is audio visual *ghenghen*
So what is Sexting?  It is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or images between cell phones.
I hate Sexting for reasons I can't explain.  I mean if a guy starts to steer the convo towards "baby can I see your nude"  that day I'll show the wild part of me.
You see,  I can NEVER in block letters send my nude to ANYBODY. Sending of nude has wrecked a lot of relationship, careers,  homes,  etc and like they say,  prevention is better than cure.  I'd rather Skype nude with my partner than send nude *okbye*.
They say sending nudes and Sexting increases intimacy but mbanu, ezigbo mmadu adiro fecha (there's no good person no more), that nude can "mistakingly" leak or the receiver can decide to use your nude to blackmail you or distribute your nude.
Enough of me,  what's your view?

This was first blogged about on the 29th of July, 2014. Work has been tasking hence my not updating regularly... 


  1. This work though. They had better pay you well

    When I saw the word, I guess what it meant!!!

  2. Sexting. New word learnt here today.. Kpele o Amaka the LORD is your muscle.

  3. Simple 'send me a pic of what you wore today' pisses me off...not to talk of sending nudes. Lol

    Nma's Blog 

  4. How on earth would sexting improve intimacy? I think it only increases the stupidity of the sharer.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  5. My dear, let me burst your bubble, skyping too is not safe. You know the world is now technologically advanced. They could record you or munch your pictures. That's why I don't like distance relationship