Monday, 28 September 2015

Train up a child.

Choi!! Let me not even start typing my usual "I'm sorry"... I've been under intense pressure, like I can't believe I've not broken down self, anyhow, sha forgive me. I can't combine working and blogging for now ehn. 

So what have we been up to? I've missed the blogsphere like seriously oh. Lemme drop this today that I'm not dead tired. 

Growing up, we had a chart with the same wordings as that wallpaper hung on our sitting room. I was a particularly stubborn and juvenile kid, and I'm sure I've received close to 5,000 strokes of cane in my life (not kidding) even though my mum stopped flogging me when I was in JSS3 but I still received strokes in school. 

I decided to blog about this because of the way children are trained these days in school. Now, I'm not supporting flogging like that, in fact this post is not about flogging but all the units that makes up child training. 

These days, you see kids with sophisticated phones and just when you're wondering, they tell you their parents bought it because they did well in school. Really?? I'm not saying don't compensate your child, in fact to me,  sending you to school is something and you have no choice than to do well, so if I don't get you anything, oh well,but buying high tech gadgets for these kids to me is not training them well, if anything, it is causing more harm than good. 

Now, I see some parents bargaining with their children and I'm like jeez and I hear you have to pet them. Why will I beg you and promise to buy you what you like before you can read your book or do a chore? No,  I can never bargain foolishly with my child abeg! 

Yes, flogging. Now I said I was trashed but did it help? No! Instead I was hardened. Why? Most of the flogging I got were unexplained flogging. I'll definitely use cane on my kids but trust me, I'll tell them why I'm flogging before and after and I'm not talking about flogging with wire or belt oh, no. Flogging with pankere on the palm. 
The way some parents throw the next available object ehn  they should be repping Nigeria in discus. I can't even slap because I'm sure my palm will draw the map of Oshodi on your face so I use cane for my erring younger ones. 

There is no strict rule on child training because some might fear and respect the cane and sit up while others might get used to it and start chesting it, but one thing I know works is correcting in love and knowing where to draw the line. Sometimes, psychological punishment is worse than the physical one self. 


  1. I support you on this. Psychological punishment tame a stubborn child. I remember when we were growing, there was this couple living downstairs the way the man beats the children eehn, even with iron rods . you sef go fear Guess what those guys are hardened yahoo boys. The only one that came out good is the 1st born,he will be inducted nextmonth.the 2 other one na apology.Despite the beatings and by force church .I will rather correct my children in love and use cane when necessary.

  2. At times I feel it's only God that can help you train your child cos there is no perfect way. God should just help someone but training has to start from the early stage of life.

    Flogging doesn't have effect on some children. And some don't feel the pain of words.

    1. But God already laid it down in the book of proverbs now abi?

  3. Amaka did you say 5000 strokes? Na wa o... I pity your children o because their mum will use the cain a lot from what I am seeing here o... jus don't kill them

    Chinco bee has said it all for me... It is only with the help of God that we can rightly train up a child.

    Egwumba’s Blog

    1. Sigh
      Why would you think I'll flog my kids mercilessly because I was flogged? Are they the ones that committed the offence abi which one is their own oh?

  4. Correction with love and punishment when necessary.. It baffles me too the way some parents are bringing up their kids. Like when a child does something wrong correct the child if there's is need to punish the child do so but not with the intention of harming the child.. I was flogged, i was punished and i was trained and it's reflecting today in every area of my life.....
    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Well said Bubba,.. Truth is many atimes yeah, the canes that we were hit with as kids didnt make that much of a difference, as i for one learnt to tolerate and not to change from strokes of the cane.. But I guess it was that singular Psychological discipline.. that 1 meeting that showed love and compassion in the eyes of my father.. that one strong word of advice.. I think it was these that made the difference in my growing up years...

    Truth is Amaka, I dunno how much of a great parent amma gonna be yeah Bubba.. But i can only hope and pray that when the time is right.. I will do my best...

    This was an apt read Bubba.. I love how you constantly write on things that relate to growing up years.. You know yeah... you should do another 1 of your fun "Throw back memory" posts eh.. and the crowd goes.. Pretty Pleaseeeee.. :)