Wednesday, 21 October 2015

So what if I'm a lady and my partner is younger??

Hiya guys *waving around wildly* err, sometimes, I doubt my sanity though..
How did our day go?? Man, I don't understand if time flies because before I can say Jack, it's 9pm and I don't get to sleep till say 11pm for reasons I still don't understand. Before I blink, my alarm would go off at 5am and I have to start the routine again. It's draining I tell you but I told myself this blog must not die.
Ok, so since yesterday, this issue of girls dating or marrying a younger bloke has been ringing in my head for strange reasons. I wanted to blog about some other topic but this kept tugging at my heart so here we are.
Now, I'm not dating a younger guy, neither am I engaged to one and I'm not holding briefs for those who are but then,  I'm thinking aloud... Do we have to always follow the rules within the box?? I mean,  is there even a box?? We make rules and become slaves to things that are not worth it!
The stereotype in Africa is that the man must be older, if it's the other way then it reeks of desperation. Really??
I've dated two guys younger than me, and yes, I went into the relationship with my eyes wide open and in the know of their age and I don't regret the happy times we had.
I remember I had to answer questions like "how did you even meet him?"  Sugar, I walked into nursery school, I saw someone I liked and we started dating *rme*.. I'm dating a younger person because I want to, end of discussion.
I the end,  I ask myself if we ain't all pretenders.. We say we ain't judgmental but we scold people who walk this street. What is weird about dating a younger guy?? If I'm comfortable enough, why would I want to sacrifice my happiness on the altar of public opinion??
Please, older isn't mature, neither is younger naive. Wisdom is not a by product of experience ehn, sometimes, it could be elusive in nature.



  1. The issue with dating younger people is really deep. Much deeper than what's written here. I know one or two couples where you'll never know unless you're told. Don't even think their children knows but it takes serious maturity especially from the woman.
    Respect must not be tampered with, and once that ring slides into your finger you forget your age.
    This topic is deep really, as I've had to listen to a fifteen minutes talk on it from one of the top marriage counsellors in the country at a seminar.

    1. It swings both ways. Men have far younger women disrespect them too. IMO, if you're respectful, nothing can ever change that.

  2. I am with u on this 100%. There's actually no box.



  3. Mannie there's actually a box, but lemme leave that for another day

  4. I think this is really a person take, personally I do what makes me happy and it applies to every area of my life. I have a friend that is married to a younger man and they are happy. We know of a popular celebrity who even have a son for her younger lover. It's your life and happiness that counts that matters..

    1. All I'm saying!!
      In the end, it's my happiness, my business

  5. It's a personal thing. Some people frown at it, while some others don't see anything wrong with it. At the long run, it's still ur choice.

  6. It's a matter of choice. That's why it's a choice