Saturday, 28 November 2015

Grammar 101

How are y'all doing?? I'm sorry I'm bringing this late, as I'm  typing this now self my eyes are tinted as I've been out all day but I met a fan today *pops collar* and I promised I was going to blog whenever I get home. Shout out to all the anonymous in the house that read and don't comment.

Remember, we are still looking at cognates.

  1. No and know: No means the opposite of yes. To know is to understand or realise. 
  2. Noisome and noisy: Noisome means disgusting, offensive and potentially harmful while noisy means a lot of sound. 
  3. Nonplussed: it is often misused in the sense of calm and unbothered. The actual meaning is confused or bewildered. 
  4. Obeisance and obsequious: Obeisance is respect and homage paid to someone while obsequiousness is submissiveness and an eagerness to obey. 
  5. Obtuse and abstruse: Obtuse means lacking quickness or wit or sensitivity, dull, dense.  Abstruse means too difficult to understand for the average mind. 
  6. Overdo and overdue: Overdo is to exaggerate something, overdue indicates something that has missed it's deadline. 
....... And that's it dovies.