Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gratitude post

So I got nominated for the gratitude challenge by Favour and I'm so excited because once upon a time, we had 'em awards coming in like no man's business and suddenly, there was this dearth of awards...
It is a virtual thing, yeah, but I'm excited because it means someone finds my blog worthy to say the least and considering the fact that I've been taking series of French leave like no man's business, I'm honoured.

According to the organisers, I have 72 hours to accept the challenge upon nomination, I'm also to write or say 5 things I'm grateful for on ANY social media platform, display a picture of gratitude and finally nominate 5 other people in my circle which includes blogosphere.

Sometimes last month, I did a post on things I'm thankful for, that same week, I was devastated, the weeks to follow were even worse but in all, I'll praise him still. I have so much to be grateful for indeed.

1. I'm grateful for the gift of life; I'm typing unaided, I'm not breathing through oxygen mask, I'm not in Igbobi, it's not because I'm holy, righteous or faithful but I'm a product of grace. For this, I say thank you Father.

2. I'm grateful for the lives of my loved ones. I've cried over loses this year but the Bible says he won't tempt us more than our capacity can carry. It's not been easy but his grace has been sufficient for me.

3. I'm grateful for the friends God gave me. Sometimes, I really don't understand myself, I can range from being paranoid, to bipolar, to being a recluse and so on, but I still have the most amazing friends who stick their heads out for me.

4. I'm thankful for the prayer God answered concerning my kid brother. We've been on a particular issue for over 4 years and miraculously, God did it when we least expected. I'll go to press when he gives me the go ahead. Lol.

5. Finally, I'm grateful to God for the successful completion of my national service. I served in Sokoto, on the fringes of the Sahara. I experienced extremities of weather, all the times I travelled, there was no bad news and I came back home in one piece upon completion of service.

In my Father's house 
.... And my nominees are

  1. Tito
  2. Nma
  3. Chinco
  4. Diva
  5. Gloria


  1. good one.... that nysc pic speaks volume

  2. Amaka, I just nominated you for the sister hood of the bloggers award. Click on my link below to view it. Keep up doing a good job here.

  3. To God be the glory... great things he has done and is still doing.

    Cheers dear!

  4. Thanks for the nomination and Thanks be to God for his mercies in your life.

  5. Gratitude brings multitude of blessings

    I thank God for life.

  6. Thank God for you..
    Okay I just nominated you for the Sisterhood award, and I just saw you've already been nominated lol. Dunno what to do again oo lol

    Sassymumsblog.blogspot. com

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  8. We all should have a heart of gratitude. Daddy G.O still talked about it at the last holyghost service. Thank God. Omo mehn Amaka haff black and finish o..hehe

    1. Lool
      I'm not this dark again oh. Sokoto show me pepper

  9. Whoop! Whoop!! My Blog mother always Says.. that "a heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities.." Weldone with this Amaka.. And i am sorry for your loss' its well Nne.. It is well.. GOD gats you all time every time. and the people of GOD saidd.. Ammmmeeeennn.

  10. Awwwwh love i have missed this space plus thanks for nominating moi..