Sunday, 22 November 2015


Yesterday, the youth wing of my church went on a trip to the city of brown roofs (Ibadan) and we visited the UI Zoological gardens and Agodi gardens. 

We ran into the usual Lagos Ibadan expressway traffic and got to UI around 12 noon. When we made to pay, a mild drama occurred. 

The notice read 500 naira per head and 300 per group but the lady on duty said because we are from Diocese of Lagos West (she read it from our bus), we were going to pay 500 naira per head. That's where the drama started oh. We snapped the notice and said we'll circulate it on all social media. I don't know if the lady thought she was addressing illiterates because when the shouting match started  instead of her to be sorry, she said we were rude. Ha! Awa omo Oshodi wey get scuches, it wasn't a small thing but we dragged it, at that point, I already lost interest in the place self but after all said and done, we paid the 300 naira while the lady tore the notice away. 
So I'm wondering, we say corruption has ravaged the land, we say our leaders are corrupt, how about we that try to swindle people of their hard earned money??  Few months ago, I was travelling from Warri to Lagos, after I paid my fare, the ticket lady said there was no change. I stood my ground, she wanted to use waffi  sense, me Lagos babe, I tell her, sis, if you want money for card, tell me but no use sense for me. She just smiled and said aunty nawa for you oh. 
Those of us who aid corruption however little must stop. You take your child to write waec in a miracle centre, what is that? At the airport, you see them custom and immigration harassing travellers and we say we want our country to be good?? No way. 

Anyway, when we got to Agodi gardens, I finally overcame my phobia for water and went on a boat ride for the first time in my life. I didn't snap much pictures with my phone but I'll share one  selfie I took. 

All in all sha, I was glad I went on the trip. 


  1. You really had fun. Nigeria is a pathetic country. When the leaders are corrupt what can one expect from the followers, except if one is rooted in the word of God.

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  2. i went to Agodi like 8years ago when i was in the university then,that was the first time i saw a tiger and also first in Ibadan

    1. They don't have tiger again oh.
      I always pass that Agodi but I never thought to go in.

  3. Corruption sadly is almost in all sects, the change begins with you and i.

  4. You're not alone dear.... I hate it when people try to act dubious on me..... I'd remember how a motorcyclist tried to play smart on me.... I collected my money from him.... Gave it to a woman who sells pure water and gave the motorcyclist the exact amount I was meant to give him.... Some of them act as if it's their right for you to dash money Just Like That #sighs