Monday, 23 November 2015

Say what??

I've been following events in Nigeria closely since this new administration took over. TBH, I don't support both APC and PDP as the politicians only cross to where the grass is greener but that's not the crux of the matter today.

During the week, I read an excerpt where the 36 state governors said they can no longer pay the 18,000 minimum wage. Really?? They gave a flimsy excuse that that amount was forced on them by the former president. 

I cover my face in shame when old men make such ridiculous statement. Haba!! In sane climes, they'll slash the numerous allowances they get but only in Nigeria do we do things upside down. 

I can't even imagine how far the 18,000 will go for a low cadre staff who has children in the university. Why are politicians in Nigeria wicked?? 

See the lawmakers fighting over juicy committes, I mean, by their statements, you will know their intent. I can't believe this is the change people were fighting for that they almost beat me up when I was the presiding officer and they said APC must win. 

I'm with organised labour on grinding the country to a halt if such idea they are nursing sees the light of the day. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the petroleum minister to address us on why fuel is scarce or is it PDP that is hoarding fuel this time??

Have a blessed Monday and enjoy the rest of your week. 


  1. wind of change fire.... w da watch o

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    1. I think we've looked enough. Our pen is our weapon. Let's speak up collectively.

  3. You made a good point in your article, politics is something else in this country.

    1. But must the status quo remain?? With all the Propaganda and manifesto before the election?? I weep for my country.

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    1. Hi Cutey, thanks for visiting. Hope you'll stick with us here. X
      May the almighty help us mop up the mess!

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  6. Good point you raised here. This is the people who feed their dogs with more than 18,000 every month as Ken Bruce said. Yet they find it difficult to pay the poor teachers. This country is so Pathetic, I'm beginning to believe TB Joshua that revolution is imminent in Nigeria. Let's watch and see the change unfolds.

  7. True talk Amaka, very true. You have raised very valid points. The reasonable action would be to slash allowances and recurrent expenditure but our governors would rather slash that workers pay. *sad*

  8. It's actually so annoying..... With the economic stats in naija, a corper who's got no family responsibility would strive to survive with 19k8 let alone the breadwinner of a family..... Naija! I hail thee