Thursday, 3 December 2015

Branches of people we meet in life

This topic though *rubs palms together* I first came across it on Temi's blog a long while ago and I made a mental note to do a post on it.

Naturally, I am very friendly and accommodating but as I grew older, I realized that nothing is forever but there is a continuing stream of people who go through our lives and continue with us, we can't always stay, sometimes we have to move on and we are not always given a choice. At some point, people don't have to stay. Some do, some don't, some can't. Friends come and go.

Metaphorically, we can describe everyone that comes into our lives as a tree.

Some are like the leaves, when the wind blows, they will be scattered everywhere. I'd like to put people I met on camp in this category. As time goes by, they will all wither and eventually die - gone. After camp, they did not bother to keep in touch. That's fine because most people are like that in such a way that they are not permanently there to do anything but to take them from the tree and provide shade every now and then. That's all they can afford to do. 
We cannot afford to be mad at such kind of people as we have no right to judge them. That's just who they are.

Others are like the branch  of a tree. You should be careful with the branches because you might not know when they will fool you.
I remember a particular girl in my department when I was in the university, she used to call me 24/7, hang around me in school...initially I was cold towards her (she had a record) to avoid stories that touch but with time, I decided to give her the benefit of doubt and with time, she started to exhibit the characteristics of a branch; she'll only move real close if she needs something from you and so I started to give her space.
Such people will make you think they are good friends and strong up to the extent that you might put your whole trust in them but eventually, they will disappoint you and leave you high and dry.

Lastly, some people are like the roots down at the bottom and provide support. These are the people that are not going anywhere. Friends like Tope, Bukola *bats eyelashes*, Tola, Elo and Deji... we've been through a whole lot together and we are still standing!
You see the roots? they are not worried about being seen, nobody has to know that they know you, others don't have to know what they do for you and you know that if the roots are not there, a tree cannot live, a tree can have a lot of branches (that is why we have a lot of fair weather friends) but it only takes few roots down at the bottom to make sure that a tree gets everything it needs.

Remember, there are no guarantees in life, only promises and whispers.

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  1. I can't deal with parasitic friends at all, only remember you when they need help.

  2. Blessings....
    Not everyone is in our destiny's plan, so some will come and some will go. The key is to have the gift of goodbye and let those go that chooses to say goodbye.


  3. I have branches friend when I was single. Infact someone I thought is my bestie is branch, she used me nd my family now that she has gotten what she want, we no dey see her again. I don't keep friends nymore, my hubby, my blog ,my family are my friends *winkwink *

  4. I hardly flow with people but if on a first date we flow so well as if we've known each other for long.... Bae, we got a thing in common. Reason why I don't get myself attached to so many people.... I don't force relationships to happen cos I know some / most of them wouldn't last..... Nice write up ma'am. Sure you're good

    1. Recently I think I'm even averse to the whole making new friends ish self.