Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Day 14

Purposely neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse(we have different love languages, post coming up soon). Do something he or she would love to do or a project they'd really like to work on, just to be together.

I'm not married yet but I love cooking and funny enough, I don't like people assisting me because I believe they'll ruin things for me but hey, I appreciate it if once in a while, my younger ones make an effort, at least to do the dishes and clean up while I'm cooking. Husbands, helping your wives to eat the fish or meat or dodo doesn't count oh!but helping her or even staying with her while she's cooking will cement the bond as it's an avenue to spend time.
Husbands, must you watch all the matches?? How about you forfeit one Saturday, send the kids over to the grandparents and have the weekend to yourselves?? Who said dating only ends when she says yes?? Going on dates twice a month is a good way to spice up your marriage. You don't have to wait till you go to Dubai to spice things up, get a few scented candles, have a florist deliver fresh flowers to her at work on Friday and pick it up from there (maybe I think too much with my imaginations, lol).
Husbands, how about you follow her to the market instead of going to hang out with the boys?? Yes, today I'm tackling the men oh. Lemme stop here ;-)

PS The essence of me attaching pictures is for easy remembrance, but you can download them, compile and send to your husband's email. 


  1. Lol. l dont like my hubby joining me in the kitchen cos he will clog my space abeg. He sits at the dining table and browses and we converse like that. I put something in and come sit with him n we laugh. Not always o

    1. I can relate to the space part.
      I like that you do this love dare albeit unconsciously

  2. Biko I don't like someone assisting me in the kitchen as well, I just want you to feel the end result

    I like that part of sending the kids to granny's hehehhehe correct babe, u sef dey dere. Do something extraordinary


  3. Even if hubby stays with me in the kitchen is for gist, the moment you say please help me with this, na error, he will just walk away. Africa Man. ..Lmao