Monday, 21 December 2015

DAY 20


Wow, it's amazing we've gotten to half of the dare, we have twenty more dares to go and I'd like for us to do a recap so far before we consider today's dare.

  1. Day 1 told us that love is patient, have you demonstrated this to your spouse? 
  2. Day 2 was the fact that love is kind. What act of kindness have you demonstrated towards your spouse? 
  3. Day 3's dare was the fact that love is not selfish. Remember, you cannot be kind and selfish at the same time. 
  4. Day 4 considered the fact that love is thoughtful. You must make a conscious effort to always place your partner top of your list... A simple "I'm missing you" sms while they are at work won't be bad. 
  5. Day 5 told us that love isn't rude. Pretty simple innit? 
  6. Day 6 made us to understand love isn't irritable. Remember this is the person you'll wake up to for the rest of your life. 
  7. Day 7 told us that love believes the best.  Have you thanked your spouse for that positive character they have?? Remember, no negative energy. 
  8. Day 8 clearly spelt out the fact that love isn't jealous. Forget the demonstrating little jealousy to show you love me, jealousy is a negative emotion, you don't have to be jealous to prove love. There are better ways of doing so. 
  9. Day 9 made us to understand that love makes a good impression. Remember, the world's greatest asset is a smile. 
  10. Day 10 considered the fact that love is unconditional. Remember the vows you took. 
  11. Day 11 made us to understand that love cherishes. Pretty easy. 
  12. Day 12 told us that love lets others win. For love's sake, play the fool sometimes. 
  13. Love fights fair was the dare of day 13. Remember words are like eggs, once you break them, you can't fix them.
  14. Love takes delight was the dare of day 14. Once in a while, take a break from your favourite activity to be with your spouse. 
  15. Day 15 saw us through the fact that love is honourable. Always honour your spouse in a special way 
  16. Day 16's dare told us that love intercedes. When last did you go on your knees to pray for just your spouse?? 
  17. Day 17 told us that love is intimate. Intimacy doesn't always mean sex, never allow a third party into your home. Three is a crowd, remember?? 
  18. Love seeks to understand was what we considered in the dare of day 18. If the understanding you had of your spouse was that of a first degree, take it a step further to the MSc level. 
  19. Day 19 told us that love is impossible. Truly, looking at the dares above, by your strength, you can do nothing. Talk to Jesus and ask him for sufficient grace to follow up on the dares. 
And the dare for today. 

Dare to take God at his word, dare to trust Jesus Christ for salvation, dare to pray "Lord Jesus, I am a sinner but you have shown your love for me by dying to forgive my sins and you have proven your power to save me from death by your resurrection. Lord change my heart and save me by your grace".