Saturday, 19 December 2015


Still on cognates

  1. Quiet and quite: Quiet means without sound or mention of while quite means either completely or somewhat, rather, depending on what you mean. 
  2. Quote and quotation: Quote is a verb meaning to state the exact word someone else said while a quotation is the actual statement being quoted. 
  3. Rain, reign, rein: Rain is the water that falls from the sky, reign is the rule of a king or Queen, a rein (usually reins) are the straps of leather used to control and guide a horse. 
  4. Raise, raze: Raise means to build or grow, raze is to destroy. 
  5. Reality, realty: Reality means the perceived world as it is, the true situation, realty is land or real estate. 
  6. Rebate, refund: A Rebate is a discount from the manufacturer to the customer after a purchase has been made while a refund is full payment to a dissatisfied customer. 
  7. Regime, regiment: Regime is a systematic plan, regiment is a troop of soldiers. 
  8. Restive, restful : Restive means impatient, nervous and restless. Restful means full of rest, calm, quiet and restorative. 
  9. Rifle, riffle: Rifle means to search with the intention of stealing or taking while to riffle means to shuffle or flip quickly through papers. 
  10. Rise, raise: Rise is intransitive and does not have an object. Raise always has an object. 
  11. Role, roll: A role is a part in a play or a movie while roll is a verb meaning to turn over and over. 
  12. Retch and wretch: To retch is to try and vomit while a wretch is a miserable or wicked person.