Friday, 11 December 2015

How many Gods do we have??

Thank God it's Friday!! Today is my favourite day of the week.. I'm super, duper excited because I'll get to rest well.. Been under the weather but I decided not to bore the world with my sick tales but if you're reading this, kindly say a prayer for me.. I'm tired of falling ill every now and then, pray for me, 2016 must be different, no pills whatsoever for me (Amen).

So I'll be a little bit controversial today, I'll be talking religion, I'll be talking about God, now don't quote me wrong, I love God and my faith, neither am I doubting my faith, no.
I grew up in an extremely religious setting but I've always had questions on my mind and when I ask, mostly I'm told to shut up. I've accepted some mysteries but please, I need someone to answer this.

These days I hear different prayer patterns, OK, we pray to God yeah?? See, I love Tope Alabi so much, in fact my younger ones call me her church member. My yoruba isn't really strong but I hear "Olorun Ajanaku" a lot in her songs and in my naivety, I used to think it was one of God's praise name until I asked someone and he said it was her prophet's name. In that same vein, I hear "Olorun Anglican/ Oyedepo/ Adeboye" etc... And I wonder if there are different Gods for different churches abi don't we all worship the same God??

Please that's what is troubling my young mind.. I don't mean to insult and denomination or pastor, I just need answers.

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies.

Olorun means God in Yoruba
Prophet Ajanaku was Tope Alabi's spiritual father/ pastor
Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel artiste


  1. Just as I read through, I remembered "God of Elijah, Isaac and Jacob".
    I guess these people that refer to God these ways might not be refering to any god but God. Maybe in tring to qualify God they prefer to do so in the name of that person they learnt about him from; their Pastors or so...
    It's just that the way some of them do it at times makes it feel so creepy, and you begin to wonder.

    Amaka, maybe we should call Tope Alabi and ask her... *SmileS*

    Have a great weekend.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  2. I guess people tend to call on the God that's performing wonders through their spiritual fathers, all things being equal, it's the same God.
    Nma's Blog 

  3. I hate all these God of X n God of Y. We hv heard that some of these Men of god" worship other gods. So,why will you call on their god?. Pls,call on God of Elijah